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Tundo, Jackson jointly win 2017 Safari Classic Rally

Carl Tundo.

NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 1 – Homeboy Carl ‘Flush’ Tundo and Briton Richard Jackson were jointly declared winners of the 2017 East Africa Classic Safari Rally as the grueling competition came to a close on Friday in Mombasa.

This is the first time the rally has produced joint winners since its inception 2003.

After a prolonged stewards meeting, it was unanimously decided that the pair are joint winners. After the last penalty, it was declared Tundo and Richard are joint winners.

Richard Jackson navigated by Ryan Champion in a Tuthill Porsche 911 proved beyond reasonable doubt that they are experts on road after nine days of the grueling battle between man and machine.

Hard-charging Kenyan driver Tundo also proved he was tough on road as well. Jackson and Champion kept clear of trouble on the final day of the marathon rally to rack up their first-ever Safari win.

Although it was Porsche’s third win on the world’s toughest historic rally, it was also the first victory for a Briton (and indeed a man from Yorksire) in what has previously remained a preserve of hosts Kenyans and Swedes.


  1. Tundo-Kenya 901.55 minutes
  2. Richard -Britain 901.55 minutes
  3. Chager-Kenya 922.22 minutes

Past winners

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Dec 1 –10, 2005: Rob Collinge/Anton Levitan (Datsun 260Z)

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Nov 22 – Dec 1, 2009: Ian Duncan/ Amaar Slatch (Ford Mustang)

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Nov 19 –27, 2015: Stig Blomqvist/Stéphane Prévot (Porsche 911)

Nov 23-Dec 1, 2017: Carrl Tundo and Richard Jackson