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New born son aids Connor McGregor preps

UFC fighter Conor McGregor will start as an overwhelming underdog against Floyd Mayweather

NEW YORK, United States, Aug 22 – Conor McGregor has revealed how the presence of his new-born son has aided his preparation to fight Floyd Mayweather.

The Irishman became a first-time father in May yet, despite a training camp spent largely in Las Vegas, he has enjoyed uninterrupted family time.

“This is my first fight camp with a son,” McGregor told Sky Sports News.

“Originally, before he was born, I thought maybe I would have to do what many other fighters do, and move away, leave the family home and be isolated. I was worried about that – I hoped I did not have to do that. Thankfully it has been seamless,”

“My sleep has not been interrupted. My son sleeps well – it’s like he knows, and he’s been on board as well.”

Asked about fatherhood, McGregor replied: “It’s been eye-opening, I’m in awe of my son. He has a wee smile.”

UFC champion McGregor has also cited martial arts legend Bruce Lee as an ongoing inspiration heading into his boxing debut against Mayweather.

“This is about teaching my fighting philosophies, spreading the word about true martial arts and how to truly prepare for a fight,” said McGregor.

“Bruce Lee said ‘be like water’. When water enters the cup, it becomes the cup. I am entering into a specific rule-set that I’ve never competed under, and I will take over, because that’s what a true martial artist can do. They can adapt and overcome.”

-By Sky Sports