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Leicester ‘brats’ treated Ranieri like ‘flea-infested dog’, – Cantona

The Italian was sacked nine months after guiding Leicester to the Premier League title. PHOTO/DM.

LONDON, United Kingdom, Mar 7 – Eric Cantona has accused the Leicester City players of being ‘ungrateful brats’ and ‘traitors’ following the sacking of title-winning manager Claudio Ranieri.

The Italian was dismissed just nine months after lifting last season’s Premier League trophy with the Foxes engulfed in a relegation battle.

He was removed following a 2-1 Champions League defeat by Sevilla, but his replacement Craig Shakespeare is set to take over until the end of the season after winning his first two games in charge.


But former France star Cantona is unimpressed with Leicester, labelling last season’s champions ‘traitors’.
Speaking in a Europsort video, he said: ‘The magician came into a town and transformed a bunch of half-talented football players into glorious champions but when the first clouds appeared the ungrateful brats conspired to get the magician sent away traitors.


‘Leicester have actually fired the only coach that made them win anything significant in their unremarkable history.

‘When they are back at the end of the food chain they get rid of poor Claudio as if he was a flea-infested dog.’


The Manchester United legend continued by suggesting that Leicester, 15th in the table, are where they deserve to be.

‘Foxes. Seventeenth place of the Football League championship – it’s what you are. It’s your DNA.

‘You aspire to greatness but you wouldn’t know greatness if it bit you in the ass.

‘Hey, you kicked greatness out of the door and all you are left with is a coach named Shakespeare.’


By Daily Mail