• Narok

    Stop the foolishness of harassing politicians and banning rallies. Nkaissery has to know the Moi era when he would go to NEP and have whole villages burnt down is over. This was a very simple matter which has now been turned into a major fiasco. The politicians were in protest yesterday. They should have been interrogated if necessary and left to go home and if there are charges against them take them to court. Locking them up to look tough and send a message was foolish and has backfired mightily. Now you have the entire Narok in chaos. Kenyans have gone beyond being terrified by the government. Deal with them respectfully and they will respond with respect. Try to bully them and they will bully you more. The governor of Narok seems to have serious questions to answer. Why is he being protected by the powers that be or is he their boy.