• Gathii

    Corruption is the main reason why we will never win the war against crime. Those recruited to fight crime do not join the police service out of passion for the job but so that they can make a killing through corruption. How do you explain one paying a bribe of Kshs 300,000 to join the police force where the salary is about Kshs 25,000 with no benefits and deplorable housing? I know of many far better paying jobs that do not require any bribes.
    These officers recruited, in most cases, are only good at traffic and administration work but not chasing after criminals. So, no matter the number of police officers we have serving the service, as long as these guys are not committed and do not have passion for the job, they will just be as good as curtains. The other day, I saw on TV the police officers going after the Mpeketoni thugs in the forest and the guys looked scared and confused. No wonder they were not successful even after the Deputy President threatened to sack them and even them, they had to enlist help from the army. If we will be using the army each time we face a security threat, then it is better to disband the police and reinforce the army!