• Gabby

    RAO’s call for ‘dialogue’ proves CORD MPs, Women’s Representatives, Senators and MCAs are not ‘dialogue-ing’ in the ‘Houses of Dialogue’ – built and furnished for that very purpose hence the need to dialogue outside that framework. There is more to this; devolution is working but not in ‘RAO-style’ hence this fight for relevance once more as he is wont to at great human and material cost!

  • Qwani

    By the Cord leaders publicly saying that al-shabaab is no longer a threat and that we must withdraw the KDF from Somalia, is tantamount to openly declaring an alliance with the enemy. Withdrawal of the KDF from Somalia are the wishes and desires of al-shabaab. On whose side are the Cord leaders?? They rarely ever seem to denounce al-shabaab in public. Is it perhaps the case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend???