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Varsity Sports ranking to be released Wednesday

University of Nairobi men's rugby team Mean Machine.
University of Nairobi men’s rugby team Mean Machine.

NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 9- A report ranking Kenyan university based on their sports activities is set to be released on Wednesday based on findings of a research conducted by survey company CPS Research International between April and July this year.

This is the second time the company is ranking Universities in the region, having ranked East African universities in 2012, using the parameter of Information Communication and Technology.

According to CPS, they settled on sports due to the catalytic role that it plays in physical and mental development of students thus enhancing the school’s academic performance as well as the critical role that sports play in shaping the character of students.

Another factor considered is the fact that university students can curve a great career out of sports if universities and other key stakeholders are challenged through such a study to support sporting activities in the universities and other institutions of higher education.

This study targeted 70 universities, but 55 were purposively sampled and forms part of the report. The constituent university colleges were not surveyed.

The survey identified sports related factors that included level of investment in sporting facilities, annual budgetary allocation to sports recurrent expenditure and number of sporting activities offered in each university.

Kenyan universities have become a core part of the growth of sports in Kenya, with some of the best performing including the United States International University of Africa (USIU-A) in basketball, having won the women’s title twice.

Rugby, Basketball, hockey and handball leagues in the country all have a vast number of university sides taking part.