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‘Lunatic’ Sakho destroys Sh29.12m Lambo

Damage: The footballer's £200,000 Lamborghini supercar was seriously damaged in the accident. PHOTO/DailyMail/
Damage: The footballer’s £200,000 Lamborghini supercar was seriously damaged in the accident. PHOTO/DailyMail/

LONDON, January 19- A Premier League footballer was ‘driving like a lunatic’ on the wrong side of the road when he smashed into another car in his £200,000 (Sh29.12m) Lamborghini on Monday night, a witness has claimed.

West Ham United’s Diafra Sakho was apparently ‘going too fast’ when he struck a Mini then crashed through a garden wall in Hornchurch, Essex.

The owner of the house where the crash took place around 9pm slammed the Senegalese footballer as ‘a rich boy with a toy he can’t control’.

Sources close to the player insisted that he was not speeding and was driving on the correct side of the road.

No one was hurt in the accident although Sakho’s Lamorghini Huracan appeared to be written off.

The homeowner said he was watching television when he heard the West Ham player speeding up and down the road, adding: “He’s come along there, going too fast, he’s hit a woman in a car because he was on the wrong side of the road.

“He’s done his car completely, he’s done her car. He’s done my wall, the trees – my car is all scratched to pieces as well.”

Sakho hit the wall with such force that bricks went flying through the air and damaged the roof of the man’s BMW, he claimed.

“He was driving up and down like a lunatic,’ the witness – who did not want to be named – said today. We could hear it from inside. It’s quite an affluent area so there are lots of sports cars around here.

-Unmistakable car-

West Ham United striker, Diafra Sakho. PHOTO/File
West Ham United striker, Diafra Sakho. PHOTO/File

“At around nine o’clock last night we heard it going up the road, it was unmistakeable – it’s a racing car isn’t it?

“We heard it accelerate and then just heard a big bang, like an explosion and a thud – that’s when I walked out. Lucky there was no one about. Lucky no one was hurt.”

He said that he and his daughter recognised Sakho immediately because they both follow West Ham, adding: “He’s just a footballer who can’t drive a car. He’s got a toy that he can’t control.

“They earn a lot of money and I don’t begrudge them the money but if he wants to drive like that he should be on a racing track.”

 -By Daily Mail