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Board accuses Nyamweya of scuttling polls

FKF president, Sam Nyamweya during Friday's AGM in Nairobi. PHOTO/JOE MIANO MUCHIRI
FKF president, Sam Nyamweya during Friday’s AGM in Nairobi. PHOTO/JOE MIANO MUCHIRI

NAIROBI, October 28- Football Kenya Electoral Board has sensationally accused federation president, Sam Nyamweya, of attempting to scuttle the forthcoming elections.

In a terse statement against the football boss, the board expressed commitment to conduct a free and fair exercise free from the clutches of the incumbent’s manipulation before Nyamweya fired back by threatening to sue over the claims.

“It has been brought to the attention of FKF Electoral Board that the President of FKF advised candidates that the election of the sub branches would be held on 28th October and nomination fees paid on FKF Account.

“This is contrary to earlier notices sent by the electoral board postponing the elections that shall start on 26th November 2015 for Sub branches election, 3rd December for Branch elections and followed by the National Elections on 10th December 2015.

“The said notice is therefore illegal and FKF Secretariat or the President has no mandate to handle election. In addition the election board was given its mandate by AGM which is superior to National Election Council and the President of FKF.

“It should appear that it’s the intention of the president and FKF Secretariat to scuttle election and the Electoral board wishes to assure all aspirants and stakeholders that the situation is in control and the Electoral board is in charge of ensuring the delivery of free, fair, and credible election,” a scathing statement signed by Treasurer David Mereka that was sent to newsrooms on Wednesday read.

Mareka then provided details of the account where candidates will deposit nomination fee detailed as ACCOUNT NAME: FKF ELECTORAL BOARD/ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0810265312683/SWIFT CODE: EQBLKENA/BANK CODE: 068 / EQUITY BANK/ BRANCH CODE: 081 / UPPER HILL NAIROBI.

The president did not waste in firing back at what Nyamweya termed an affront to his character, threatening to take legal action against the treasurer in a swift rejoinder.

“I’m challenging you to come out clean on the allegations you have made against my person, failure to which I would have no option but to go ahead and sue for character assassination and damage to my reputation,” the FKF boss wrote in a statement.

“It is indeed very disturbing for a Senior Lawyer like yourself to make such allegations when I’m on record saying that the issues yet you have gone ahead and issued public statements accusing me of things you can’t substantiate,” Nyamweya added in turning to his tried and preferred method of warding off anything he deems prejudicial to his reputation- threat of legal action.

He further claimed the board treasurer was “mischievous” and accusing him of plotting to scuttle the process was “an attempt to cause confusion and meant to incite the public against myself, the NEC of FKF and the FKF Secretariat”

Sub-branch elections were initially scheduled for Thursday before the board deferred them last Friday.

The Board was appointed on October 3 following deliberations of the September 28 FKF AGM and there were initial fears it would be used as a footstool by the incumbent boss to sway the polls to his favour.

It is scheduled to hold a press conference on Wednesday evening after meeting all presidential aspirants.