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FKF polls sham claims; clubs on notice

FKF president, Sam Nyamweya during Friday's AGM in Nairobi. PHOTO/JOE MIANO MUCHIRI
FKF president, Sam Nyamweya during Friday’s AGM in Nairobi. PHOTO/JOE MIANO MUCHIRI

NAIROBI, September 18- Football Kenyan Federation (FKF) sub-branches and branches have until Monday to submit the names of clubs eligible to vote in the forthcoming elections as allegations the whole exercise is a sham surfaced.

In a statement, the federation added vetting of the same clubs have begun with grassroots officials yet to submit their list, five days after the initial deadline lapsed ‘are now on notice.’

The football polls will start with election of sub-branch officials on October 29 followed by branch (County) on November 5 before the national exercise on November 13 where the incumbency of federation president, Sam Nyamweya, will be challenged.

“We must ensure that there is a thorough scrutiny of these clubs because we want to have a very transparent election so any delays in submission of the list means we will be under pressure,” Nyamweya was quoted by the federation’s mouthpiece in the statement sent to newsrooms on Friday.

This transpires as some grassroots officials raised the red flag over a process they believe is tailored to suit the aspirations of Nyamweya, his cronies and incumbent branch bosses with the national office playing a large supervisory role over the elections.

“We have wind that FKF is trying to make this elections an entirely FKF affair. With FKF (president) running against an FKF Premier League chairman only with deputy FKF vice presidents.

“It goes without saying that this is a cosmetic election engineered to have Nyamweya retain his seat and (Nick) Mwendwa lose to be given his most coveted CEO’s seat. And this is what we are not going to accept as a people who have invested a lot in supporting the development of the sport in this country,” Ssemi Aina, the chairman of Rift Valley United alleged.

Mwendwa, the FKF-PL chair is considered Nyamweya’s main challenger with the pair appearing together after the August 28 Annual General Meeting and last week as part of the Adhoc Committee appointed at the time to set the structures, rules and process of the elections.

Gor Semelang’o, the patron of Re-Union FC, is the other major contender for the top post and earlier this week, he alleged rules on eligibility of candidates for the top job adopted by the Committee were structured to muscle him out of the race with the requirement of active involvement in football activities at club, administration, playing and refereeing level in two of the last four years the clause he read mischief in.

“Soccer is a game affecting millions directly in this country alone. And to watch its fate being crafted by only two cosmetic contenders out of the so many running for the same post, leaves a lot to be desired.

“I want to challenge both Nick and Nyamweya to account for the MP&Silva money that they both were in charge since clubs in FKF premier league are extremely suffering,” Aina charged.