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‘I will take you to the sweepers’- Nyamweya

Embattled FKF president, Sam Nyamweya

NAIROBI, June 3- Embattled Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president has dismissed damning allegations made in a German TV, Deutsche Welle documentary that accused him of mismanaging USD 500,000 (Sh49.8m) terming them ‘reckless’.

Speaking on Wednesday, Nyamweya the defiant local federation boss trashed the claims contained in the investigative piece on corruption in football at world governing body, FIFA that aired on Deutsche Welle last month and part of which was transcribed by Capital Sport threatening to take those publishing it “to the sweepers.”

“That one my brother I cannot discuss about it because it is being handled by our legal experts and its recklessness. We want media houses not to be reckless, if you are given any documentation, you must have proof.

“If you don’t have proof, you just don’t just write. Those days are over, these days if you do things that are illegal, my friend; you shall be taken to the sweepers. You do what you think is right. Don’t say so and so has robbed when it is not true,” Nyamweya retorted at Capital Sport reporters who sought his side of the story to the allegations on Wednesday.

“We also say as a federation, as an organisation, we are also protected by the Constitution of this country and if anybody wants to mess us, we are ready to face the law,” the irked football boss ranted on.

In the documentary titled “Soccer for Sale – Sepp Blatter and Allegations of Sleaze at FIFA” that aired on Deutsche Welle television last Monday, Nyamweya is accused of pocketing funds from FIFA development aid, grants from Confederation of African Football and other monies from the Government by, Jérôme J. Dufourg.

Dufourg is a French football marketing executive who worked with FKF and provided documents supporting claims that allegedly implicate Nyamweya.

The football boss who was in Zurich for the FIFA Congress fired a demand letter serving notice to sue to Capital Sport last weekend claiming the publication of the story was an attempt by his rivals in the forthcoming FKF elections to discredit him.

Earlier in responding to the resignation of FIFA president, Sepp Blatter who is also engulfed by claims of corruption running into millions of dollars in bribes to top officials in the world body, Nyamweya hailed the Swiss veteran for developing African football.

He also called for an end to speculation surrounding bribery claims until authorities complete their investigations.