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Rebel FKF boss ‘served’ 7-day notice


NYAMWEYA-NOCKNAIROBI, May 27- Rebel Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Nyanza boss, Tom Alila has reportedly been given a week to  “show cause why disciplinary action should not be taken against him for contravening the integrity code for members of NEC.”

The National Executive Committee (NEC) member hit local headlines when he called on federation boss, Sam Nyamweya and his deputy, Robert Asembo to resign with immediate effect amid claims of corruption.

According to FKF Media, Alila is accused of being behind the embarrassing leaks of exchanges between the federation and media partner, MP and Silva who are embroiled in bitter correspondence about their five-year Sh202m (USD2.5m) annual contract for broadcast rights for the FKF-Premier League.

The show cause notice was reportedly signed by Nyamweya who is away for the Fifa Congress in Zurich although the federation media machinery did not reproduce the said letter, instead inserting quotes purportedly contained therein.

“It has come to our attention that you have been leaking, to the media and general public, confidential information and privileged content which you have access to by virtue of your position as a member of the National Executive Committee,” FKF Media wrote citing reports that appeared in local daily, The Standard as well as Capital Sport “a case in point.”

“You have also been communicating to the sponsors without following due protocol and casting aspersions on the integrity of the contract with MP and Silva, negotiations of which you were privy to and part of.

“As a member of the NEC, you are bound by the principle of collective responsibility that applies to all and sundry within the institution. You are well aware that such actions contravene the integrity code to which you are bound and are punishable by invocation of the applicable provisions of the FKF, CAF and FIFA Statutes,” the said letter supposedly adds.

 -Forthcoming elections-

The federation media mouthpiece casts aspersions on the rebel NEC member by pointing out he was suspended in 2014 when heading the Financial Committee before being reinstated in June last year.

This latest communication from FKF serves to fuel growing discontent from within as jockeying for vantage positions ahead of the forthcoming elections where Nyamweya is set to vie for another term intensifies.

The veteran administrator is facing the loudest dissent yet in his tenure with 16 of the 19 branches set to convene on Friday to severe ranks with the leader and his deputy who accompanied Nyamweya whose critics point out he was appointed, not elected to sit in the top national organ.

In confirming details in the public domain following leaking of correspondence between MP and Silva and FKF, Alila who is eyeing the top post questioned Nyamweya’s moral authority to govern challenging him to account for the USD833,000 (Sh80, 120,436, 020.54) paid out by the rights company this season before payment was stopped.

The Standard went further to publish lurid details seemingly from a bitter email exchange between Nyamweya and MP and Silva Africa representative; Andrea F Silva where the federation boss bickered with his partners on a planned meeting to iron out issues they raised in a letter dated May 13.

According to MP and Silva, the FKF-PL being broadcast by Tanzanian firm Azam is of wanting quality, signatures from Kenyan Premier League clubs that committed to feature in the competition at the time of negotiations were forged and they were led on to believe the country’s best supported clubs Gor Mahia FC and AFC Leopards would hop on board.

In his defence, Nyamweya is quoted by the paper saying the claim matches being shown by Azam who are struggling to penetrate the local market for reach are substandard are far-fetched adding, “FKF expects MPS to continue sending money as per the contract until we finalise their re-negotiation.”

Both parties have threatened to take legal action with MP and Silva invoking English and Welsh laws to pursue damages over ‘breach of confidentiality’ while Asembo declared they would sue for remedies if the cash freeze continues.

The saga continues.