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Oops! Injera inks yet another TV camera


INJERA-CAMERA-2NAIROBI, May 19- Kenya rugby 7s superstar, Collins Injera sought to draw a line over reports he had damaged a 60,000 pound (Sh9.05m) camera when he signed yet another television lens with a marker pen upon return from London 7s on Tuesday.

The country’s record try scorer at the HSBC World Series hit global headlines when his spontaneous act of signing the lens of an organiser’s camera on Sunday after notching his 200th went viral.

On Tuesday, he repeated the feat, this time though, with a light touch as he relived the season ending round of the 2013-14 season that saw him inch closer to the all time list with 203 as Kenya won the Bowl competition of London 7s.

“I knew it was my 200th try but it didn’t sink in at that moment but only after we had reached the bowl final I realized how huge it was, also going on social media and seeing how big it was after social media platforms had gone crazy about my celebration,” he said of the iconic act that had the world talking, appearing even on revered Sky Sports broadcasts on Monday.

He also cleared up the speculation about possibility of being surcharged for the equipment he was said to have damaged when he followed up signing on the match ball by turning his marker pen on the lens.

“There is no fine to pay, I haven’t been contacted by anyone yet, and as far as I’m concerned world rugby has no issue.”

He was unaware where the reports came from that he would have to pay £60,000 (Sh9.05m) surfaced admitting awareness of how expensive the sports cameras are and that he was cautious at the time of the incident.

“I think the issue was just signing on an expensive camera and that’s the only story there. It’s nothing bad because nothing bad has happened, and as far as I am concerned everything is fine,” the Mwamba RFC winger asserted.

He was jubilant with his landmark that brought him to only 27 tries from the top position.

“I will continue training and working hard and I think I’ll know that moment when to let it go but for now I will continue playing the game,” the 28 year-old veteran who remains in shape for the next few seasons added.

His captain Andrew Amonde was also quick to compliment Injera noting; “It was a big milestone for him, he has worked very hard to just achieve the 200 tries, it doesn’t it’s just an example of what hard work does to a player. It is just motivational to the young players coming in also to emulate what Collins has done.”