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FKF bosses Asembo, Alila in bitter email war


ASEMBO-COURTNAIROBI, May 9- In a sorry show of deep divisions in the top echelons of Football Kenya Federation (FKF), two National Executive Committee members have taken to emails to trade insults and damning accusations against each other as elections draw near.

Vice-president, Robert Asembo and Tom Alila, the Nyanza NEC Member said to be eying a top seat, have twice gone into a bare knuckled exchange laced with unprintable language over accusations contained in an email thread circulating among top sports journalists full of maligning allegations against the FKF and or its leadership.

Speaking to Capital Sport on the embarrassing development, FKF president, Sam Nyamweya distanced himself from the fight saying none of the parties had approached the federation to resolve their dispute.

“The two are mature men and that is a personal matter between them which I can’t intervene. Should they wish to come forward, I’m willing to resolve their issues but the federation is in no way involved.

“They should not drag the federation to their matters. Our mandate is to run football,” Nyamweya stated on Tuesday morning.

The simmering dispute sparked off a fortnight ago when a series of articles ‘exposing’ the ‘rot’ in FKF started hitting inboxes of leading journalists and top football officials that infuriated Asembo who claimed a former sports editor writing under aliases was being ‘used’ by Alila and another NEC Member to malign him and FKF leadership.

Whilst the other NEC official has kept away from responding to the accusations, Alila has taken Asembo head on in shocking exchanges, some which cannot be reproduced here for their libelous and abusive nature that dims their standing as leaders in the national football governing body.

“And by the way I don’t need an apology from you. You started by dragging my name in this. It shows how conceited you are grow up!” Alila stated in one of the bitter exchanges.

“Tom Otieno Onyango Alila, you’ve asked me to apologize, and I have said an emphatic NO!! The truth shall set you free!! What I have written in response to you and xxxxxxxxxxx is nothing but the truth. Choose to stay with the truth or shut up,” the FKF vice-president bit back.

“Honestly you People. Slow down on this kind of exchanges. It’s really embarrassing how far this exchanges has reached.

“I would really wish that I am removed from this mailing list but While am still here – Alila and Asembo, you can discuss the issues quietly one on one,” Sam Shollei, who was elected FKF vice-president in the 2011 elections before being hounded out of office advised.

“You thrive on suspension of your opponents. Shame on you some came running! You stole Shollei’s position which he was rightfully elected you thought it was all in vain shame on you guilty by association verdict is waiting for you. Mp and silver (MP & Silva) is also knocking. Arrogance has no place in football,” Alila fired at Asembo accusing him of engineering the removal of his predecessor from office.

The Nyanza NEC official also brought in the broadcast rights deal between FKF and the international media agency who own, manage and distribute TV and media rights around the world whose partnership with the federation is reportedly on the rocks.

On his part, Asembo claims Alila was in the know about the suspensions of Shollei and fellow NEC Members, Hussein Terry (Coast) and Dan Shikanda (Nairobi) only for him to align himself with them ahead of the forthcoming elections.

“Even Terry and (former CEO Lordvick) Aduda know your role and contribution to their suspensions. Little did you know that your day would also come, and indeed it came!!” his rant read in part.

The acerbic accusations and counter accusations come at a time top football leadership is positioning itself ahead of the polls scheduled for late October with a realignment of positions underway.