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Floyd Senior mocks Pacman with poem


MAYWEATHER-SENIORLAS VEGAS, May 28- Floyd Mayweather’s father fired more shots at Manny Pacquiao’s camp, calling him a loser with a pathetic trainer through the majesty of poetry.

Floyd Senior has been dabbling in the rhyming arts for a while and has even been putting together a book of his best work.

And after Saturday’s mega-fight, Papa Mayweather felt the inspiration to tap into his inner Robert Frost and deliver the most poetic smack talk.

The fight has taken place..
Manny’s title? Lost without a trace.

As Me and Floyd
Entered cheerful embrace…

I glanced to see the look of disgrace on Freddie’s Face.
I have changed My pace

I can now look them in the face
And say:

I must confess You tried Your best…..
And As We saw there was no contest.

FLOYD is simply the best!

Now just like I said
Freddie the Roach is Dead!