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FKF re-visits two-tier league proposal


NYAMWEYA-NOCKNAIROBI, March 17- Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has revisited its proposal to have a two-tier Premier League involving clubs affiliated to them and those playing under the Kenyan Premier League banner to resolve the impasse on the 2015 top flight.

In a letter addressed to KPL chairman, Ambrose Rachier signed by federation boss, Sam Nyamweya marked; ‘Without Prejudice’ FKF revisited their earlier proposal in the aftermath of the judgement by Lady Justice Roselyn Aburili that lifted an injunction on the league organising body on Monday.

“Whereas past efforts to negotiate our way through the impasse has yielded little results, the federation hereby once again wish to pursue another opportunity to resolve the question of the premier league as guided by the ruling of the court which gave a chance for settlement of the matter out of court,” Nyamweya stated.

He gave KPL a Tuesday deadline to respond to their proposals although he did not state what further action FKF would take if their rivals reject their latest overtures.

In a swift rejoinder, the addressee Rachier poured cold water on the proposals being an amicable way forward to find a lasting solution pointing out Nyamweya triggered the crisis when he announced plans to establish an 18 team top flight at the end of last season without exhaustive consultations and agreement.

“How does someone give you an ultimatum yet he wants the matter to be resolved? From the recommendation of the court, people go to the table to discuss the matter but not to issue ultimatums.

“Nyamweya started this issue of the so called 18 team league and he does not know what to do now since the injunction has been lifted because we must go on with our league,” the KPL chief who is also the Gor chairman told Capital Sport.

Nyamweya has moved four proposals to defuse the crisis that sparked off last November when he announced plans of expanding the league to 18 teams before the national body and KPL broke ranks late January leading to the onset of parallel leagues.

  • In compliance with Article 10 (1) of the FKF Constitution, there shall be one Premier League known as FKF Premier League, a matter agreed by all parties concerned.
  • The FKF Premier League shall comprise two zones, A and B, with teams promoted from the National Super League constituting Zone B, while those that previously participated in the KPL Limited-run league shall participate in Zone A of the league.
  • At the end of the season, the two top teams from either zone shall play a round robin mini-league to determine the champion. The remaining teams shall participate in a one-off play-off to get those that remain in the league with the losers facing relegation to the National Super League.
  • Two teams shall then be promoted to complete an 18-team league from next season.

“This, in our considered opinion, is the best solution that gives the way forward which accommodates everyone because we find ourselves in a very unique situation and one that we must manage well to ensure club’s interests are given due priority,” the federation chief continued.

The letter is silent on some key aspects of their dispute notably; how television revenue and contracts they entered with South African pay television channel, SuperSport and title sponsors, East Africa Breweries through their Tusker brand will be divided among 34 clubs that will vie in the two-zone competition should the league management body accede to it.

It was at the height of the dispute that FKF promoted a record 14 clubs to the top tier and sought an injunction against their rivals that saw their league suspended for three weeks.

Already, KPL have brought back Nairobi City Stars and Nakuru Top Fry who were relegated last season to fill their contingent of 16 after failing to agree with the federation on which two teams from the Super League to take up their places.

Having rejected these proposals a fortnight ago when Justice Aburuli gave them 48 hours to thrash out a settlement before she started ruling on the civil case brought by FKF against KPL, the league organising body has once again indicated they will not close ranks with the national governing body.

Nyamweya’s letter could therefore, end up being another failed move to entrench his wishes down the throats of KPL who feel they have the goodwill and financial clout to whether any attempts against running their competition in accordance to the structures they established eight years ago when they came into existence.

FKF were granted right of appeal by Justice Aburuli while their civil case was stayed with top officials ordered to be plaintiffs in their individual capacity as opposed to using the federation as a registered society to sue KPL.