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Guardiola tells Ribery to control temper


RIBERY-HAMBURGBERLIN, March 6- Pep Guardiola has warned Franck Ribery that Bayern Munich cannot afford any foolish red cards after the French winger lashed out during a German cup tie in midweek.

Ribery picked up a yellow card Wednesday after retaliating to a bad foul from Benjamin Kessel during Bayer’s 2-0 win over Eintracht Brunswick in the last-16 of the German Cup.

And Guardiola will have noted Ribery’s borderline behaviour in their 0-0 Champions League last-16 first leg against Shakhtar Donetsk.

“He can’t do that (in the return leg on Wednesday),” warned Guardiola.

“In a match like that you need to know how to control yourself. It’s really difficult to play ten against eleven in the Champions League,” Guardiola insisted.

Ribery was unrepentant over his card.

“He (Kessel) jumped at me with both feet. It could have really hurt me,” said Ribery, who was substituted shortly after his card.

Austrian defender David Alaba defended his teammate.

“It’s not always easy when you always have three or four players on your back, you end up losing your temper.”