• Pratt

    We need to appreciate our police officers. They are like watchmen. They bear the highest responsibility for protecting us and still we dont give them special treatment. That has resulted in alot of frustrations that clearly need to be checked. I really feel for our brothers and sisters in police force. Special attention needs to be given to these guys. They endure alot, sometimes controlling traffic for hours and hours. Meanwhile, rude motorists are ever ready to defy them. So far since last year, several cases of suicide have been reported. Action needs to be taken swiftly to arrest the situation. Sorry brothers we are really praying for you, take heart please.

  • MulandiJuma

    “””Rose Njeri, a hawker passing nearby said she could not understand why the policeman decided to take his life.
    “It does not make sense at all. There are always alternatives in anything,” she said after watching officers load the deceased’s body wrapped in a black paper bag onto a pickup truck.””””

    Excuse me Sir, what value does that part add to your otherwise excellent story?

    • Lucas

       Capital Fm has some of the shoddiest reporters. You have to make sense in your reports if at all you have something gainful to write. Jeesh!

  • Kanina Yvonne

    @MulandiJuma Sometimes Kenyans disappoint me, kwani journalists are not supposed to interview hawkers. I wish you were also passing near the scene because you could have gotten a lifetime chance to be interviewed.  Sorry, Capital FM should now do another story only interviewing bigwigs like Mike Sonko and not hawkers

  • Albertchess2002

    @Mr Momnayi you got it all wrong by saying that the last incident was by an AP, such last incident was by a Kenya Police officer in a police station somewhere in Kiambu county. Syle up! kwani AP walikunyanganya Kuku??

  • Ndwara

    That is life, sometimes people find themselves in hopelessness and they opt for this. Though it is defeatist attitude  it pays a lot to share with a friend or someone you are close to your problems. It acts as a relief valve and most of the time you might get a solution which might push you ahead to a point of reasoning.