• Kenya

    Kanu is dead.

    • legacy99

      pole sana kanu is very much alive

  • Maina JR

    Kanu? Which Kanu are we talking about? The one with African or Alliance in it’s acronym? UK killed Kanu the second time. His father killed it first, Shikuku paid for it with a detention that rescucitated it till Moi rejuvenated it. Then Uhuru Kenyatta like his father before him killed Kanu dead this time round.
    Good riddance UK

  • Mwenyeinchi

    Call it New KANU because Moi tarnished the party’s name and then tell us what it will do better than Moi did for Kenya.  Remind Kenyans the party was started by nationalist Kenyans who delivered a great deal to Kenyans and there is nothing wrong with the party it is what was done in its name that was bad and that will never repeated.  Remind Kenyans Moi was in the opposing to KANU for many years when he was in KADU and it is only right that the party should not be abandoned but cleansed and returned to its original values.  That is the only way KANU can become popular again even in Central Kenya