• Francis

    Mutula, So you are “USING PARLIAMENT=PEOPLE OF KENYA” to clear your taxes that you owed from other “businesses” Wow! In that case anyone who owes taxes should get a job so as to clear their arrears.You are such an hypocrite that one wonders how speak with a “straight face “. By the way many prospective candidates to constitutional offices have been disqualified because of owing taxes and HELB LOANS.But Kenyans have to pay for you from money you earned fighting  against reform heroes like university students who gave their lives to seek justice and change but you now shout the loudest? You are such a disgrace.Your personal vendetta against others makes you stink like a skunk.Do you know that the integrity chapter you have been yapping about is actually about ECONOMIC CRIMES= OWING TAXES=STEALING MONEY FROM PUBLIC? Now show the way and RESIGN ASAP!  

    • legacy99

      he is called mutula kilonzo the man who claim the rule of lwa should be respected shame on him

      • Pratt

        Mercenaries  and conmen know how to go round in circles! What matters is just that profits them. Thus, sometimes you get confused by the ever shifting of the goal posts. Keep watching, you will learn alot pal.

    • Marikos

      Wow! where did you learn I post my kid there? Mooorika Kimwizi

    • Pratt

      Mercenaries and conmen never know when they are trapping themselves pal! His godfather doesnt even know that. The fake reformer wont entertain challenge. I actually overheard his folks saying “Moi’s laws” should be brought back to contain Mudavadi! Cons are getting exposed with every passing second pal!!!

  • The worst economic crime by an individual in kenya.Where is the intergrity you have been so vocal about? Are you still in office?

    • legacy99

      he is called mutula kilonzo the man who claim the rule of law should be respected shame on him

  • Anonymous

    Bwana Mutula, practice what you preach.You finally got a taste of your own medicine. I can’t wait to hear the outcome of the Goldenburg scandal. You must be pissing on your pants. Finally! Mr. Taxman you are doing your job. Can you also go after all the tax evaders like the former MD FOR KENYA LEE..

    • Peter Kenneth?

      • legacy99

        yah peter kenneth

    • Markos

      Kenya Re?

  • Joeopiyo

    This is unbelievable, a man telling others that KENYA has
    changed since the new constitution apparently will not hold himself to the same
    standards as he does others. Imagine how many Kenyans failed to get their
    medicine because thieves like him could not give anything from what they looted
    from our national coffers.

    And now is the
    biggest reformer and fighting with shadows now that real reformers already
    brought the enemy down. Pattini would have smarter than him under the

    • legacy99

      he is called mutula kilonzo the man who claim the rule of lwa should be respected shame on him

  • Mwangijurist

    The Master of Tax Evasion in a tight corner,, if it was America he would not be holding public office,,I now know the bile against Uhuru Maybe he failed to rescue the Man from Mbooni when he was the finance chief,,,this Kenya you know…

  • Eurp

    I even lack words to describe this: I saw somebody post: Mutula for President> What a pity?

  • mths

    mutula is a passionate lawyer. i respect him for that. to hear that he deliberately failed the taxman is disgracious. really.

  • Wakahiu


    • Sina Makosa

      Wakahiu, Mutula was just doing his job as the former Prezzies lawyer and a damn good job at that! How many pple probably you included would want to choose a lacklustre lawyer to represent them? Mutula did his job to the best of his ability for Moi and even if you per chance had hired him (if you could afford him) chances are that he would have done a pretty good job for you. FYI the UK your singing about, has he paid up ALL the taxes from myriad companies the family owns not to mention the income from dubiously acquired land from his father? I dont think so!
      Mutula is at least making the effort to pay his taxes from his current income and has not tried to arrogantly manouver his way out unlike some of the leaders trying to instigate this sideshow. Kenya has changed and the same law being used against Mutula will apply to these instigaters or dont you know that the law is a double edged sword. This time round even ‘Muthamaki’ will not escape!    

  • koirotwet

    At least Mutula is paying KRA its dues. Perhaps the Kenyatta family should also begin to return the huge chunks of land they stole from Kenyans  since independence. Imagine  a LAND more vast as  NYANZA province belonging to one man whose scion now wants to rule the country. My preferance to a tax evader  who finally pays up and not complaining about it than a beneficiary of grand national theft who wont even doante that land for IDPs/ PEV victims.

    • Pratt

      You are lost pal, actually overwhelmed by propaganda of merchants of deceit. No one can steal land in Kenya. Kenyattas bought their land and you need to check your facts properly. Forget about those who are intent on instilling poisonous tribal hatred. Kenyattas knew land was to be prime item from the very onset, and that makes all the difference. While you guys waited for the government to give you prime land, as if that was possible! Its really unfortunate that merchants of deceit have misled the public by creating fake scenarios that hold no water at all. The people who have been talking of “historical injustices” have told us that there are land grabbers in the country. Is that really true and possible? Of course not. To acquire land or any property in the country, you have to go through a very elaborate procedure that cant give room to cheats. That involves PPOs (in lands Boards), Intelligence services, DCs, PCs, ministry of lands and even office of the president. In the new constitution, president’s power has only been slightly diluted. However, folks especially in Odm, have taken it upon themselves to spread lies and poisonous propaganda. Anybody in Kenya can own any size of land provided he has the money. Need we add that some fellows have remained in their tribal enclaves without venturing out, only to later claim that we used unfair advantage to acquire property. This is actually what the so called “historical injustices” is all about!

      • Majao

        where did kenyatta buy the acres in coast province?nani alilipwa?he grab’d the land.

        • Pratt

          The land was owned by foreigners my friend. Some of it is actually from the Criticos family. Guys who believe land is theirs just because its in their tribal enclave have continued to play empty ownership though. You wanted them to pay someone who had no instruments? Or were they supposed to pay those guys who continue saying “my grand father and grand of my grand father” lived here? Go to lands office and you will be surprised by the emptiness of your lies.

  • Kijana Mzee

    I will bet you 1000 bob Mutula is not the only one owing taxes in that Parliament- Am sure if the list of tax evaders was read out it would be like the Who’s Who list in Kenya. Unless we’re playing daft, we all know WHY Mutula is being hounded and by WHOM!