Tunisia’s Hamza Mathlouthi and team mates react after referee Rajindraparsad Seechurn awarded penalty at the last minute to Equitorial Guinea during their quarter-final soccer match of the 2015 African Cup of Nations in Bata

Tunisia’s Hamza Mathlouthi and his team mates react after referee Rajindraparsad Seechurn (3rd L) awarded a penalty at the last minute to Equitorial Guinea during their quarter-final soccer match of the 2015 African Cup of Nations in Bata January 31, 2015. REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

  • D. Keno

    I do not understand why Kenyans are so much concern about general elections. honestly ordinary Kenyans need basic needs not election. actually, to Kenyans election is means violence and hatred. this is absurd. we Kenyans in diaspora, want to see a Kenya where every person can access basic needs that all and we do not care who is the president and when his/her term will end and who takes over. Keno (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) 

    • Mazzdark

      We Kenyans in Kenya also want to see a peaceful prosperous country, and are working from here to achieve that, not standing from outside and shouting “Diaspora, Diaspora”, 

      • Wanawakewakni

        I am a Kenyan in the diaspora (if next-door Tanzania qualifies as part of diaspora) and think Kenyans pay concern to the election because putting good people in charge of the nation is the only way to unleash its potential.  Keno needs to be a little more interested in his country.

    • Mark

      electing whoever has never never changed how I survive, worse insteads my life is more compromised that jobs have to hault, later maize goes missing, fuel varnish, loss of life bla bla bla nothing good comes out these process just one two fellows closely related in one or another gets a good pay, traffic jams paves way for them, guaranteed free fuel in a guzzler while we luck and constructs more cells to hold the youths and shut their cries behind barbedelectriconcrete fences………………

      • Pratt

        Think carefully how you can change that. To cry endlessly doesnt change anything. Things have to be done the way you want but that has to start with you. Leaving monsters to run the show only makes things worse pal, stand up and be counted!

  • Pratt

    The best proposal this year! Hope merchants of deceit wont ambush us with surprises. You know every time they dont find themselves in the driver’s seat, they come up with all sorts of excuses. They are always intent on upstaging others just for sake of it. Remember only the other day, they sat with the president the whole day, only to pretend that they never had any shred of time to talk about election date! “On my part, election should be held this year” is all they could afford. Diplomacy is really absent in our vocabulary, how are we going to lead without it?

  • Gidi2005

    We want to hear, how many constituencies have been allocated to Central Province? Ligale’s report was a ploy to ensure they never access power again

  • Kgeorginas

    Why are we being hurried to hold elections by our foreigmaster? We are comfortable with the coalation.

  • Rwoti

    We are ready for elections even today so that we can show some people dust in the ballot 

  • Nyangume

    This is beyond STUPID.  The 2 guys who plunged the country into violence have to tell us when we can next vote and may be see another such cycle?  SICK!!!  I agree with Mutula Kilonzo.  The courts are letting us down.  It is direliction of duty for Justice Lenaola and his panel to give us an ADVISORY opinion that tells us the 2 principals can decide the election date. The same 2 guys who were main contestants last time leading to a bloodbath. The job of the courts is to make rulings one way or the other not give us hypotheticals!  Some judges need tutorials on judging.  A court is not an advisory body!  Give me this job of Lenaola does not want to do it. 

  • Kumbuka shifta

    Siku hizi hawa wasomali wa kenya ndio wanatawala Kenya?