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  • John_kenya

    Who paid the polling firm. Guarantee you it was Ruto

    • Sk

      you are wrong, its UHURU

      • Guest

        Yeah, Smart Octopus has Uhuru K written all over it!

  • Wanambisi Laban

    Hi John_Kenya, that question to them, and they said that they funded themselves. Also please take into a/c that they conducted the survey through random phone calls.(Guess you don’t have to spend much)


    • Mazzdark

      Bullshit they funded themselves, why would they do that?

  • Oliech17

    Wait…yaani this Smart Octopus is actually saying that Uhuru and Ruto are eating into Kalonzo’s support base!! hehe

  • Mwangishiro

    Y leave out Moyale, Lamu and Wajir….kwani sio Kenya? just Incase anyone (doing a poll ) would like to know, i actually would love on any other month than Dec!!! Lets say mid March/April for those who are worried about disrupting the school calender and festivites. 

  • Francis

    Has English changed meaning? If one candidate is at 25.2 and another 23.4 then one is the MOST popular or both are losers/losing? The heading should have been a warning to ALL the  “current candidates” that Kenyans are not buying the brands.

  • sally yasis

    Some issues will never cease to amaze me.. How do one make a call and tell the receipient is in this and this county?/

  • Mkenya

    Even the name itself is very untrustworthy. They are puppets of some candidates. Sorry, Kenyans will decide the future of this country. You lack objectivity and I hope I find no news about your shoddy ” poll” on TV this evening

  • Samuoho

    how many of  you mutherfuckers commented on this issue ????i think y’all smart can fig it out n come out with you own poll result it afree world

  • Tendersconsulting

    No wonder KTN and NTV dint have time to show such.

  • dbaiya

    This is “Bull”. Looking at the capital fm poll
    ‘Should Uhuru and Ruto pursue their presidential ambitions after ICC verdict?’ 
    currently 61%NO and 39%YES. 

  • Carthageabc

    paul the octopus is has risen from the dead……….be weary,hahahahah

  • Elijah Andika

    What surprises me most is that the person who called for mass action is being protected by the ICC. I therefore conclude trhat justice is neither here nor there. I don’t understand how justice can be realized through partiality.

    • Pratt

      And they say we are corrupt, its astounding pal!

    • Yes,the man should have gone to court to challenge the outcome of the presidential results but instead called his followers to the streets with the slogan,”NO RAILA NO PEACE”.

  • Cocerned

    For the purpose of maintaining your credibility, and also respecting the intelligence of your readers and audience (and your target audience is indeed intelligent)  kindly do avoid these types of planted stories and bull crap sources such as “smart octopus”.

  • Mazzdark