• Monica

    Even the media has been preaching that same self regulation message….but Smart Octopus has its tentacles on point…MSRA are bullying and trying to lock the upcoming people

  • Benchuma

    This guy has just portrayed his scientific and intellectual aptness.. You may disagree with the results of a poll but not rubbish the
    process without understanding the methodological protocol..

  • Jmunge2001

    Self regulation by the pollsters is the best way out. Such a move will
    ensure discipline amongst the pollsters and at the same time protect
    them from undue interference.

  • Wanambisi Laban

    Publication of opinion
    poll findings is a subject that arouses strong passions. Established
    democracies take quite contrary positions on the issue, with France, for
    example, continuing to prohibit publication in the period immediately
    before an election, while in the United States media coverage of opinion polls is regarded as an integral part of free speech in elections. The problem is that opinion poll results – like almost any other form of expression – are not just the reflection of people’s views but may also shape the views of others. That is, people may be influenced in how they vote by what they have learned from an opinion poll… or what they think they have learned.

    For this reason, laws or regulations on media coverage of elections may attempt to control how (or even whether) opinion polls are reported.

    I actually support the idea of a legislation on regulate the opinion polls. lets not forget the role it played in the post poll violence.

  • Len

    Pollsters should forget this business of either self or government regulation.  Instead they should simply fight back because opinion polling, often conducted for media firms, is a form of free speech and nobody, including parliament, can curtail it without first changing the constitution. Get used to the cacophony of polls, it’s the way democracies operate.