• Baraza

    The great people of Kenya must refuse the choice of leader(s) that the Western racist neo-colonialists want to impose on them; the people of Kenya must decide on their own free will; the people of Kenya must be respected, unconditionally; their dignity as human beings must be respected, without any conditions; Kenyans are neither sub-humans nor amnesiac idiots; their human, constitutional and sovereign rights must be respected, at all times;
    · Kenyans must reject leaders like the Rt. Hon. PM who, like a crybaby, is at the beck and call of his contemptuous and arrogant foreign masters on whom he is relying entirely to deliver the presidency, via The Hague process; Kenyans are not slaves and will never be colonised again!; let the people decide; Let the people decide; and kindly, please: Let the people decide! Alluta Continua.

    • Bwana Baraza tone down. It seems you hate PM with a passion but what surprises me is that the British Foreign Secretary was simply stating a clear fact. And the choice is that you can accept his views or oppose them and that is your democratic right. However, dragging the name of PM sincerely amounts to being too clever and bright to the extent that you say anything without a basis or even looking at it deeply. Wacha utoto my brother. If you have evidence that somebody will be imposed on Kenyans, play it cool and use your vote to defeat it like it was done in 2002. Believe me, the facts are there for anybody with eyes to see and ears to hear. Don’t close them. Love your neghbour and let this country not go back to election violence again and it starts with you Baraza. 

      • Oludavin

        Mr samuel u r right! I’ts quite disturbing that most kenyans have dead conscience amd memory. The plight of the 2007-8 PEV victims is dwindled by ethnic intstincts and tribal emotions! I now know that most of kenyans reasoning is damaged heavily by their tribal leaders….!

      • Sam

        I pity Rao. Now the world have gagged to campaign for him. Jitoto!! Vote for a man with a coconut head but Not Rao.

      • Sk

        Samuel, Baraza is a stinking trabalist >. Uhuru and Ruto will not be on the ballot period . select someone else

    • Pratt

      Dont worry pal. The quicksand the PM has been standing on is quickly giving in. Even those who are intent on choosing leaders for us, will have to look else where. Havent you noticed how the fellow is getting desperate? Why would he urge his kinsmen to ask president Kibaki to declare him Tosha? While he failed  in his attempt to depict Kibaki as ungrateful, he too exposed the nakedness in his courtyard. Once desperation sets in pal, hell breaks loose pal. Thats why he is unable to understand why Mudavadi has joined the race. All sorts of lies are being put in play. Just the same way it has been done on Kalonzo over the years. Every good leader has to be destroyed to give way to merchants of deceit! They are now saying that Mudavadi is being fronted by G7. But the cool guy has nursed presidential ambitious for several years now. He cant stand on his own and has resources to mount a serious campaign? However, Raila is a dictator and dictators hate competition. Is either him or no party at all. From Ford Kenya, NDP, Kanu, LDP,  Narc, ODM-Kenya and now ODM, the story has been the same! Unmatched selfishness and opportunistic tendencies have always been there. Even the famous Kibaki “Tosha” was essentially a use of one stone to kill two birds. First and foremost, was meant to block Hon. Simon Nyachae and secondly, to later extract profits from his pronouncements. Nyachae was decidely the favorite comprise candidate at the time. Nevertheless, opportunists fearing they were likely to be overshadowed in their own village, took the shortest path to stop that. But they are the first to call others names, what an irony? This guy cant work with anybody who doesnt kneel before him! But what we abhor is this poisoning of his kinsmen, in a futile attempt to make them think his own thoughts.  A whole extremely bright community has been coerced to be beggers in thought and action! Whenever the fellow presents his comical thoughts, they are considered “wise”, even when bordering on mere illusion. And the community is expected to swallow them without question. Needless to say, imposion thuggery is always in the offing.

  • Jarateng’

    It has been said over and over again by the ICC that it is up to Kenyans to choose their own leaders but you still find people going around the country claiming that the west wants choose leaders for them. This is nonsense did the west tell you to slaughter your own people. When you are looking for financial aid you call them friendly nations, but when they talk about the wrong things you have done they are your enemies double standard yes!.
    Kibaki was imposed on Kenyan in 2007/2008 elections Ururu Kenyatta, Kalonzo Misyoka and Ruto know this fact and yet they go around spreading this false allegation. The west will not vote in Kenyan elections, only Kenyans will vote if these people do not know how to sell themselves to Kenyan then they should blame themselves not the west. Ururu was warned even before the election about his association with the Mungiki but he did not listen he should not blame anybody he should just face the reality. 

    • Pratt

      And how was Kibaki imposed on Kenyans in 2007/8? I thought the person imposed on Kenyans was the creature who wallowed neck-deep on the blood of innocent Kenyans to become a do-nothing Pm? He took advantage of Kibaki’s midness to creature false higher ground pal! Did he have any meaningful votes in Molo, Juja and Tharaka Nthi? For how long guys are you going to live in past lies? Instead of preparing for this year’s election to make a point, you keep on parading empty false lies. Your village idol is already drowning in his own wickedness and you still find time to blame. Cant you find ways to help him instead of lapsing in the past? Kenyans are decidely against the poisonous propaganda and rapant lies that drive this man. Make no mistake about it pal, someone’s political end has certainly checked in! 

  • These guys are becoming a nuisance. Why don’t they mature up and do their politics in a mature manner. Elections are not tomorrow and only one person will be elected. We need development in this country and not politicking year in year out. Can somebody they respect and listen to please tell them that we are fed up with this kind of noice, name calling and politics.

    • Pole

      Stop listening to them and again non of them is a Minister. What do you want them to do? Stay at home and watch t.v. You are the idle. 

      • Pole sana. Kumbe Kibaki is a mature politician, quiet but a shrewd operator. Anyway people are different, from different environment with different ways of achieving the same purpose. Anyway what we need is peaceful campaigns and say no to election violence again. That is what matters to us.

    • Jicho

      You are the one to mature here. I think Raila was in machakos today and I don’t think you will air such comments. mudavadi have been marketing himself for the past few weeks. Why does it hurt you when Uhuru and Ruto campaign. Talk on your behalf. I am not fed with them yet and equally am not fed up with Raila. 

      • Hey! Life is a learning experience and we Kenyans are slowing but quickly moving up the ladder of mature democracy. Contrary opinion is good but things are changing and believe me one person will be elected President of Kenya. Whether WSR, UK, GS, Wiper et al, it won’t be a big deal as what matters is development. Campaigning is not bad but how it is done is what worries some of us.   

    • This is a ras claat argument.RAO has been all over the country campaining and no complains.Why  should it raise  eye brows when UK n W.Ruto does same?

  • Mwanyumba

    Why should Baraza tone down?  He or she is right.  In Africa we have a bunch of modern day “tea boys” who want to please our former colonizers to the point of selling our freedoms.  There is one in Cote D Voire, Zimbwabwe and Kenya.  No names mentioned.  These people are not trustworthy and are not patriots of their lands.  Meantime, this Hague guy and others feel they have to tell Africans how to behave so as to be acceptable to the “international community” — meaning a few western countries.  Such advice while well intended is unnecessary.  They should keep off our affairs.  If they do not like the leaders we chose they can withhold their aid as usual and we look East.

  • koirotwet

    If you stink, you stink whether its reported by a foreigner or a kenyan citizen. Mr Hague didnt have to say nor did it matter that he said it.

    • Afrix05

       Can’t say it better in so few words!

    • Kura kwa Koirotwet. You said it calmly and factly in pleaseant few words.

  • Mr Hague should not impose leaders on kenyans.Kenyans will decide who to choose as President and its none of your business.No kenyan leader would come to Britain and tell you who to elect as PM.The desperation of the west to impose their preffered candidate(Raila) on the people is disturbing and warrants to be fought against with unrelenting effort.Everyone knows how chaos was started in 2007 and that is why 73% of kenyans dont trust the findings of the ICC

    • Afrix05

       And where, please tell us, do you find the statistics that say 73% of Kenyans don’t trust the findings of the ICC? The last I heard, about that number wanted theses folks to be locked up there. As much as it is inappropriate for Mr Hague to impose leaders on Kenyans (though I didn’t read where he told us who to elect or not to elect), should we condemn him for telling us that we would be foolish to vote for murder, rape, and perpetrators of inhuman acts as our leaders to be a bad international image? Britain and any of the western countries are not any better in their international images but that does not mean we should also dirty our international image to fit theirs. What would make us have even the little semblance of righteousness to criticize them the few chances we may have for that?

  • Vinny

    We were all tainted with shame when brothers maimed and killed other brothers in the 2007-08 violence.  What the country is a toned down run up to the election and not hardening of the hearts once more to pit one group of Kenyans against another.  Very dangerous!

  • Chungwa55

    Shows foreign officials coming to Kenya think Kenya has not matured from where we were 40 years ago.  They need special training as to how to speak to modern day Kenyans.  We are not stupid and ignorant and neither are we coy not to express our disagreements with our former “masters”.  So next time you vist Kenya better be careful waht you say here– you cause a storm for your country when you poke your nose where it does not belong.  Even though it feels right to lecture Africans, they no longer accept candescending uncalled for advice.

    • Anantpanchmatia

      For you to understand the future the TRUTH and the REALITY I wish somebody in your family is
      or was buthered.

    • Mazzdark

      Kenyans are mature? Yet we cannot hold elections without resorting to crass stone-age tribalism, attacking each other with bows, arrows and pangas like zinjanthropus……what maturity is this. Why don’t we try go one year without begging for food aid, hold clean and fair elections and try provide food, water, shelter to everyone first. While we are at it let us consider that jiggers are still killing people in Kenya in the year 2012, BULLSHIT MATURITY!!

  • Baraza

    Evaluating Raila’s performance 2008 to present.
    Raila’s wife Ida Anyango Odinga, member of Maseno University Council; Raila’s elder brother Oburu Oginga, Assistant minister; Raila’s first cousin Jakoyo Midiwo, government Chief Whip; Raila’s sister Wenwa Akinyi, Kenya’s Consulate in Los Angeles; Raila’s sister Beryl Achieng, Chair of Kenya Railway Pension Fund; Jakoyo Midiwo’s brother-in-law Elkana Odembo, Kenya’s Ambassador to Washington (where he replaced Miguna’s friend Comrade Peter Rateng’ Oginga Ogego);

    Ida’s first cousin Agnes Nangila Odhiambo, Controller of Budget; Raila’s cousin Orege, is a Permanent Secretary; Raila’s cousin Gondi, is the Executive Chairman, Geothermal (where billions of shillings have already been stolen!); Raila’s relative Achillo Ayacko, is the Chairman of Kenya Nuclear Commission; Raila’s relative Edward Ouko, is the Auditor General; Raila’s cousin Joe Ager, is the deputy MD, Kenya Power; Raila’s relative Onyango Sika, is a Permanent Secretary; Raila’s relative Kasongo, is Head of the NSSF, et cetera. We cannot replace Moi’s dictatorship and blatant impunity with a worse mutation of dictatorship and impunity!

    • Afrix05

       Mr Baraza, the topic of concern here is which of Raila’s people are on which jobs but whether we as a sovereign nation should keep a blind eye and deaf ear to foreigners who remind us that our international image would be influenced by even considering having suspects in crimes of international concern as our presidential candidates, let alone electing them. I have no problem with any of these two going for elective posts but it would be so foolish to imagine that simply because they haven’t been convicted makes it right to elect any of them president.
      Anyway, to come back to your gripe on Raila, as much as having his family in plum jobs could be construed to be based on his influence can you go further and actually show their poor performance, corruption or derelection of duty in their stations? If it happens that they are actually qualified for these jobs, and are performing their jobs as the job descriptions entail then why should who they know be of concern? You compare Raila with Moi, well to remind you since you appear to forget Moi era so fast, at his time Posta was full of Kalenjins, some who couldn’t even read. How did the performance of Posta rate with the present time? You highlight stealing of billions at the Geothermal, would you clarify how the chairman would have influenced that stealing  those billons without the culpability of other senior officers who are not Raila relatives?
      Please, it is great to point fingers where things seem fishy but do that with some factual content to back it up not hot air.

      • Mbuyu la asali

        Mr alix05, I didn’t read ua story.pls next time be brief coz this is juz for comments. My point, to hell with mr.hague. We tired of these evil imposement from foreign nations specifically from britain and united states. To hell with them. We are a sovereign nation and we r capable of sorting out our internal issues. They want to destabilize Kenya and sell weapons and do other businesses. Get the f*****k out of kenya.



  • Mangi katana

    Hon Uhuru and Hon Ruto should understand the obvious .No country can gain respect by electing persons on trial for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.The British foreign Secretary just told us the truth-choose how we  want to be view in civilized community of nations or the opposite.


    Well said… We dont want to be another LIBYA

  • Kenyatta said that MAUMAU  is acronym for MZUNGU AENDE ULAYA MWAFRIKA APATE UHURU.The remnants of maumau have a case in a London court accusing her majesty government of atrocities committed to them by British people.All through, the British government  has been dragging their feet in compensating our ,ancestors.They killed ,rapped our women, castrated men, burned down villages and did  all other forms of of cruel acts known to  humanity to  our people.Is this not protecting impunity?.To come to tell us who we should vote is like  to adding   salt to   a wound.
    The Kenyan Wanjiku knows how PEV came about.No politician even those with holier-than- though attitude are innocent of PEV.The ICC can go ahead and prosecute their catch but that will not change the truth.Kenyans are smarter.We will elect those whom we know are able to leads the country, na sio vibaraka.

    • kushite

      u just hit the nail on the head,kenyans just say no to western powers puppet.We are a sovreign nation and we will no gonna go back to colonial era.William hague! u just need to think hard before u make a statement,u just gave G7 political tool to fight against,”LETS KENYANS DECIDE”

  • Michaelswahili

    This word “Hague” really gets to some people!

  • Feckincrows

    What’s the big problem? All he did was mention the already obvious. And if the government says foreigners shouldn’t meddle in Kenyan affairs, why the hell are the Kenyan Government asking Netherlands to overturn a recent ban on Miraa? Netherlands is a SOVEREIGN COUNTRY DON’T YOU KNOW? DON’T MEDDLE IN THEIR AFFAIRS.

  • PeacefulKenyan

    You say “Don’t Impose Leaders on Us” and I say “Don’t Impose your murderous ways on us”

  • Mazzdark

    Sounds like SmartOctopus…………

  • dbaiya

    Dont Impose leaders on us and dont impose yourself on Kenyans. You must meet the requirement of running for president according to the new constituition. Facing crimes aganist humanity and international court bars you from running.

  • Afrix05

     Sorry man, but your link takes me to the home page of Capital News with no idea where you get your statistics. You gotta do better than that. Maybe am too lazy to find it but you are too vague to be believable.

  • Latecomer70s

    Wacha tupige kura kwanza. Iko mtu ulimwengu ambate anafikiria wakenya hawajui siasa ni nini.