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  1. Male sex workers also get arrested and are even more brutally harassed due to double stigma of being sex workers and being (most of the time) gay.

    1. Yea…lets face it…gay relations are real in Nairobi and Kenya and will thrive whether we accept it or not. Every These people have rights and must be protected at all times. Am sure they are all responsible..

  2. Loitering is an old colonial and oppressive law which will be in direct conflict with Bill of Rights.  Kudos NCC for taking your time to look at this BUT there are other by-laws and projects that should concern you more.  Nairobi needs more water, sewage, better planning, reduction of corruption (in approval of construction) build markets and play grounds, street lights etc. 

    Give the lights project back to “Adopt a light” so that advertising can pay for street lights.  NCC clearly missed the point by killing that project.  Today you earn nothing.   Better the money you got previously under that arrangement than nothing at all.  Politics kills innovation and NCC is clearly a victim…Over to you NCC

    1. rao,there is such a thing too as visual pollution.handing over our street lights to adopt a-light did just that.everywhere we go its bill boards and something being advertised.the reasons streets are dark is because the council is just not doing its job properly which if changed would lead to lit streets without advertising on them.

  3. “We will certainly find places to have them operate freely without any
    harassment. These are people who have dedicated themselves to do their
    work, there is no need to continue harassing them,” he said, adding they
    will be required to pay relevant taxes. ” so he knows that the city council askaris HARASS them. begs the question does he know they also castrate  people????? 

  4. Why do we have a mayor who advocate for immorality this shows the thing to see if ODM takes over government.Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. so when Githae says we eat rats, or Esther Murugi says she will strip if Uhuru’s charge is confirmed at the ICC, is that what we will se  if PNU is solely in power? Karoki, you are so shallow it hurts

    2. That was not ODM!! AH, that was Nairobi mayor! ODM has nothing to do with that and afterall he is just advocating for wht goes on secretly. Is there anything wrong??

    3. I beg to differ if you hate ODM say it out right rather than associate it even where it has no concern style up and grow in your thinking pls parties have no relation with how individuals think and act. ODM is the party for the people, Remember  this includes a society hope you know what i mean by a society. 

  5. the city is very rotten with sex workers from river road to koinage, public area such as bars and restaurants and some private homes in upmarket nairobi have been turned to brothels may be legalizing will help regulate the ‘oldest profession’ in the city but mr mayor be ready for a war especially for those who dont see evil, hear no evil coz they have buried their heads in the sad

  6. I  can  see   you  are  looking   for  votes   in   the  name   of   commercial   sex   workers   Mr.  Aladwa.  Shame  on   you!

  7. As much prostitution is illegal in many grounds, it should remain so as not allow other evils being allowed too…like allowing gay relationships and such..koinange street nowadays has funny looking boys/men who already have a clientelle that services them. This basically shouldnt be legalized unless in arranged environment…like brothels.

  8. what..??i think this is unbelievable..have yu interviewd the prositutes in the street?r thy doin this on their own will??i think ths guy is being short sighted…look at the bigger picture before making esty decision which will change the whole city n the country at large…plz adress unemployment issue first…instead of polluting the whole generation with immorality 

  9. Street sex hawking shouldnt be legal at all..they should make prostitution legal only in confined places like brothels..that way it’ll be even easier for govt to tax the players in the industry! 

  10. That’s a welcome news, wow wow, kaeni chonjo na UKIMWI kuenea zaidi, The population in Kenya is over crowded, we welcome this Good news as many people wataaga na Ukimwi,

  11. Fantastic. The oldest profession in the world is finally getting the recognition and legal protection that hopefully will address underage sex workers as well as the morons who rob these twilight ladies. A progressive mayor, I daresay!

  12. Great Job Bwana Mayor! this will have a direct effect on crime and health for both sex workers and thier clients…..KUDOS!!!

  13. You are an embarrassment, shameless, useless, illiterate and stupid  mayor who opens his foul mouth without using his Head . Which school did you attend, to know that the law does not allow PROSTITUTION. Kumbafu!, ati Mayor wa Nairobi!!!, Bure Kabisa!!!

  14. Sex work is driven by demand all over the world and all over the ages, no kind of laws, arrests , harassement, and other violence will end sex work. Furthermore trying to control sex between two conscenting adults that is carried out in privacy, regardless of commercial considerations, should not be the business of the state

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