• Akiveu

    What a massive step in the western region, its time we stop dirty politics and embark on untilizing the airport. Am just looking at opportunites in Kisumu and the towns around, namely kakamega, Bungoma Migori and Kisii and also Kericho. Export of Fish,Horticultural,Coffee,Tea and not forgetting the coming Tourist. I see i great feature in this country. Wakenya mpooo!! its high time we had 42 international airports in this country.
    To the new governors coming in, make it your priority that every county has good road networks and airports. If you cant do it we will oust you.

  • Anonymous

    kudos your excellency you have done Kenya proud in uplifting our infrastructure and economic well being country wide

  • dan

    ¬†presented with the same Ksh.4.9b at the county level, what would be the people’s proposal?¬†