• malembe

    Ati Miraa is not a drug? what is it ….! A type of grass or what?

    • Homar

      Miraa is not a drug but rather a medicine that cures depression,obesity and impotency etc. Reason that’s being Ban by Dutch is Racism at it’s best. Prostitution, Bhang is all legal and used openly in cafes. Kenya Gov’t need to protect it’s farmers and No 1 Cash crop by lobbying and reversing this Ban otherwise kenya economy would be hurt.. Kenya gov’t also need to provide new evidence to org. such W.H.O to declassify this special cash crop.

      • Homar correction; No.1 cash crop in Kenya is Tea, this is something even a primary school student will tell you! What the UK or Dutch govt decide to ban in their countries is up to them same way Kenya wouldn’t want to be told what or what not to import.

        In my humble opinion, the only ppl benefiting from Miraa are the Meru farmers and Somali traders. Its high time Meru farmers thought out of the box and cultivated some meaningful crop and not this harmful substance which causes hallucination amongst other side effects.   

  • W. Mutua

    Miraa is  DRUG! Period.   How politicians can say anything just for mileage.  

    • Pratt

      Wants Meru vote after sacrificing their finest son!

  • Mkenya

    He want to do it after been elected!! I think what we need is report card this year. Come with what you’ve done, then we can promote you. Politicians has taken us for granted, talking big and when elected they completely forget.

  • Mberia

    Any stuff, subtance or chemicals that alters your central nervous system – altering sleep patterns can be referred as drugs. The areas that grow khat or miraa are suitable for other crops like tea. The most annoying thing about this issue is the fact that most of these farms ar leased to Somalis who are using the same cash to engage in other illegals activities such as smuggling weapons and support banned groups such as al shababs. So its the high time Khat is banned as a dangerous drug not fit for human consumption.

  • Tekie

    ukikula meirungi hua hata husimbikwi, sasa kama sio drugs ni nini tena hio mirungi

  • Anonymous

    He (Raila) is trying to fool people that he can influence the Dutch government to overturn the ban. The truth is he can’t. What leverage does Kenya have over Holland so as to make them reverse their domestic policies in our favour simply because we have asked them? Imagine the outrage there would be if Columbia lobbied our government to unban Cocaine (TBH thats even easier to envisage because our government is so corrupt it is capable of anything, but that’s besides the point). If anything, we need them more than they need us (ei, their flower market is particularly important to us) and they are the one who are in a position to influence our decisions. This is just bloody politics by a man who will tell lies to be elected.

  • Hawa

    I think the Ban is right because every country has its own interests.

  • They never banned it to punish miraa farmers but to protect the health of their people.Can RAO, stop your cunny threatrics