Britain Soccer League Cup

Chelsea’s head coach Jose Mourinho smiles before the English League Cup semi-final first leg soccer match between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool, England, Tuesday Jan. 20, 2015. (AP Photo/Jon Super)

  • Anantpanchmatia

    Its now time to save your legacy by also suspending  2 top Kenyans serving under you mentioned in the ICC cases  Mr. Presodent.Do not
    let this oppourtunity go wasted the world is looking at you.

  • Nash

    Kweli iko wanyama wakubwa na wengine wadogo.  Yaani Baraza ameenda home for pinching someone’s nose and there are others sitting pretty and they are accused of killing, raping, maiming, persecution, displacement of populations etc? Lahaula!

  • Maina Kieni

    This is a joke! Suspended for being accused of pinching a nose. But those charged with crimes against humanity are in office! Tell which crime of the 2 is heavier! In Kibaki kenya, it’s worst to pinch someone’s nose that murder rape, displacement et al.
    Baraza is going home because of her place of birth. I won’t be surprised to see Njoki Ndungu named DCJ tomorrow! God help Kenya. Kibaki is the worst president Kenya has ever had the misfortune of having. I can’t wait to see his back!

  • TheArchitect

    The Animal Farm called Kenya.

  • Maina Kr

    This is nothing but divisionary tactic. They want us to talk about Baraza and not Mungiki-Statehouse meeting! It won’t work guys. We all know your tricks.

  • In Nancy Bundukis’s case[ sorry i mean Baraza], it is a pure professional misconduct.In icc case, it is politics at play.If it is true that UK and MUNGIKI story is true, as Ocampo observed, it was retaliatory attacks.So, where are the generals  WR and SANG worked for? We should identify and hang them together with icc four.

    • It seems you could be knowing more and having more information on the generals that you need to volunteer to Ocampoo to try the generals also. Guys lets us not look at issues at face value or allow our emotions to control us. Let us reason together and help the O4 and the PEV victims. I wish, just a wish, that the O4 could use the HK approach and they will be free. The case of WR and Sang were the simplest like HK as there is no known organization like Mungiki that they were using and the prosecutor had difficulty in tying these together but they decided to go their way in proving their alibi. Even innocent people have been convicted before for crimes they never committed while culprits have been set free, all due to their legal argument and the way they handled themselves. I don’t know why the OC 4 have not listened to the Prosecutor’s warning that anybody that tries to use violence to get power will be spirited to the Hague. Their actions can enable the prosecutor to tie up his case which currently has so many gaps they can exploit to their advantage and win. Watch this space

      • geofry

        One of the them told the press that “Generals don’t go to the battle front”. Today the same General is shouting “justice”. Yes but his shout for justice means UK and WR be spirited to the Hague to rot.

  • Wakili2012

    Nancy Baraza’s suspension was recommended by the JSC.  The same JSC that gave her the job.  The new katiba sets forth the procecedure for suspending judges and this is the right procedure.  For the ICC case, the ICC is not a part of Kenya’s judicial system– it is like some person being charged in a court in France but not yet tried or convicted.  What they call “confirmation” of charges does not mean conviction.  So why should you resign or be fired for being asked to stand for trial?  Makes no sense.  Kenya’s new Katiba does not ask you resign your public office when charged but not convicted of a crime.  Sounds like a doule standard but Nancy and the ICC cases are not identical. 

    • Well said Wakili especially on Nancy Baraza but way off the mark on comparison. Just to jog your mind, all the so called crimes happened in Kenya. UK, Balozi and Nancy Baraza are all our people and we love all of them. They have not been found guilty yet but their cases have been confirmed for hearing. In this case, all of them are assumed innocent until proved guilty. We have seen similar cases here before involving public officials, who have all stepped a side and most of them have been cleared and assumed office. Believe me, UK and balozi can should step a side or be suspended until they are cleared otherwise they will soon join Taylor and rot there at the Hague.

    • Anonymous

      You are forgetting that the Rome statute was domesticated when the new Kenyan constitution was promulgated. Hon Wetangula and Hon Henry Kosgey stepped aside when they were mentioned as having abused office. Being accused of crimes against humanity is one of the worst accusationa that the world has ever known. Muthaura and Uhuru have no other option than to resign.

  • JMM

    That’s good but can he also suspend Uhuru & Muthaura who have been accused of very serious crimes than just pinching a nose.

  • Ochieng78

    Baraza is equaly innocent till proven guilty.But why only her?

  • Anonymous

    Can we all as Kenyans just take time and ponder on events that happened during 2007/08?. 

  • SilentRiot

    if Baraza was in politics, she’d still be in office. Politicians are in an exclusive club where they cover each others posteriors. Amos Kimunya, Simon Ongeri, Moses Wetangula, Charity Ngilu and Kiraitu Murungi are still in office even when none of their cases have been sorted. There were many hands at play in the PEV, UK, Ruto, Muthaura and Sang are the ‘fall guys’ and as such, any holding a public office ought to vacate it. But because this is Kenya where politics is key, they shall remain in office. Anyone notice how quickly majority politicians seem to have a united stand to bring these cases home, with the minority maintaining an unusual silence and an even tinier group calling for them to step aside?

  • SMK

    DPM and Muthaura is a major issue. Its about the moral, and perhaps indirectly constitutional, obligation to step aside when indicted.

    The question about Baraza is a little different. Its about her fitness to hold a major office that requires the holder to be self controlled and dispassionate (“as sober as a judge”), fair to all (deem all to be equal before the law), and publicly respected (would any of you want your very important cases to go before Judge Baraza). She,I believe, disgraced herself and her office, showed herself to be prone to nigger moments (lack of self control and inability to see the bigger picture before acting), exhibited diva tendencies (I want more than three bodyguards)   that suggested she is a spoilt mama  bila adabu, suggested that the office may be too big for her ( why all the “do you know who I am” behavior) , showed herself have callous disregard for the law (handling a gun without a license), be a disrespectful class conscious snob who does not believe in equality (harassing guards, jumping queues,I will not be frisked,”know people”).  It also seemed that she may not be beyond corruption (by trying to buy off the victim thro’ emissaries who were offering bribes to the victim before tv cameras in  vernacular Kisii), and also that she may not be a fair person (fought  dirty when the professional PR guy tried to sell a story that the victim wanted to extort 3m).  Finally, by not asking Luhya MPs to lay off what is a professional employment matter, she does also seem tolerant to the tribal way of doing things(So can you want your case against a Luhya to go before her, or say, a case against Pan Paper or Mumius)???

  • koirotwet

    @Anantpanchmatia…the old man is less worried about the legacy. to quote mutahi ngunyi, he will think you are takinhg about THE SUBARU LEGACY.