Everton’s Cameroonian forward Samuel Eto’o reacts during the UEFA Europe League group H football match between Krasnodar and Everton in Krasnodar on October 2, 2014. AFP PHOTO/KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV

  • Edyth

    PAMOJA!      Edyth Koske, KERICHO

  • Jayesh Kenya

    Lets hope for good and unite our country

  • Ktete87

    i hope justice will take cause. i pray for peace all over Kenya.

  • Ele

    Kenya is a peaceful country, may we mantain this whatever the ICC outcome on the Ocampo six.

  • Fred shombe

    Hi guys, to our Country to prosper and move a head, please we want justice to be shown and let the ICC chamber to work, guilty must be proved.

  • Enos Omondi

    We hope for the best

  • Mzalendo

    Let justice prevail at the same time Kenyans to observe peace. This country is bigger than individuals, come on!

  • hussein omar

    whatever the outcome lets remember that we are all keyans regardless of were we come from.So let us be united and remain strong as one Omar nakuru

  • may justice be done to both the victims and the suspects.

  • Muhindaoscar

    Let the prince of peace who is Jesus to take care of the situation cause we might be hoping for the best but preparing for the worse.

  • Omukitsa

    Let justice be our shield and defender as our national anthem says

  • Khulome

     Sang, Ruto , Uhuru and Muthaura are confirmed for trial.

  • Wuosigar

    Peace is paramount, we all Kenyans, one true blood. Lets rejoice with the aquited and stand by the accused, all in all, we must take responsibility of our actions whatever the outcome.

  • kimlee

    Uhuru, Ruto,Sang and Muthaura……it’s never the end of the world….

    • dingleman_funda

      it sure does appear like the to me.and am very proud and happy .another blow to impunity!!!!11

  • ohms

    my my fello kenyans don panic nobody is guilty its like wen r suspected of something n now u r going for questioning

    • msema

      Why tell Kenyans not to fight? They are not little children.Those who think they are or exhibit such behavior should be encouraged to do so. This time Fatou Bensouda will have a longer list and Mutunga will be busy waiting for the ‘vijana yetu’ who will be stupid enough to allow themselves to be used for a token or nothing and no one will mourn for them.

  • Koome miriti


  • Chebara

    The outcome of ICC the way  ihave listen, it is just building more hatred and creating unpeacefull environment in our country. adices to ICC will not get what they need. I just say God is all available and justice will be seen. Let us now preach peace for the sake of our future prosperity. God is now taking lead in everything. I just pray for peace

  • Fauma88

    lets all put our country to at prayers during this trying moments for He is the only one who can avail justice  to each one of us including those who are going to face ICC trials. piece be with us all. 

  • Nyakenda

    the judge was clear that confirmation is not judgement of guilt and the four are innocent until proven guilty. the burden of prove is still with the prosecution. so fellow kenyans let us maintain peace and order

  • Mistyblue83

    Kenyans honestly we are giving these guys too much attention . The kenyan media esp has just gone to the dogs. If kenyans  did not go to the street to fight because of the price of Unga , fuel and a raped economy why would they now ? How come when its about the common  the politicians don’t want to be involved but when its about their personal lives / matters we have to stop  our lives and support them ?

    • Karanjajj

      I totally agree. Our media please help fight for “wanjiku” and stop giving these greedy guys cum politicians too much attention. We would be much happier if you kindly become the voice for the voiceless.

  • chiloli

    its, fare innocent ones let free n crimials set in was expected.thanks tenda cleva.

  • Guest

    Kosgey & Ali are not free at last. An appeal is on the way! But we hope for the best. Personally my thought on the two: Ocampo do not let Ali slip away!!!

  • Omukitsa

    there is still time and room to prove innocent .

  • Ngugijoe

    its not about justice is all politics 

    • njugus

      you are crazy when you mention politics.ok, if you went to school that is.where does politics come in?

  • Ngugijoe

    lets have peace in this country ,i hope the ruling will not divide Kenya more 

  • Okango

    Where is the government spokesman now? No more impunity, let justice prevail.

  • Adamsjohn2009


  • Aptbks

    Time to fry in their own fat.

  • Decisive

    In one fell swoop, the ICC has finished any hopes Raila Odinga had of the Presidency.

    • Anonymous

      stupid, people are saddened, you are just thinking of Raila and stupid presidency

      • geofry

        It is not about stupidity. Just go for the comment and not the person. Otherwise he is right.

  • The_don

    peace is fundamental!

  • mutuzz

    kenyans have learned a lesson from first event. hope there are cool awaiting 4 the truth

  • Antonywamucii


    • Hey

      Do you really know Uhuru or has he whipped you into his tribal cocoon? Exactly how have I as a fellow Kyuk benefited from his family’s amassing so much wealth? Beleive me, I know him well and all the glitters is not gold. I am quite closely related to him than I ever want to admit but without the wealth….what that Kenyatta family is willing to do to its own is crazy! Uhuru is only interested in protecting what is Kenyattas and Mois…Anthony, I beg you to consider an alternative to this madness….take it from one who knows that family well….and I don’t mean Raila, Ruto, Kalonzo etc

      • geofry

        Kindly take your family fights elsewhere.

    • Aptbks

      Wacha kumdanganya, ama mlikua pamoja naye. This is real isidhani ni mchezo

    • njugus

      pamoja wapi?

  • Vetpath

    Am not convinced. It sounds like good old politics but God will set the innocent free.

  • Sitati_peter

    May the wish of IDP be held on! all politicians MUST have learnt a lesson, in all Let us mantain peace within the country and ourselves PLEASE GOD LOVES US and that is why HE grants us a gift of life and howevwe interrupt our life in one way or another. Many will say it is a political issues but it is the reality of matter.Genisis says However kills on sword will dies coz of sword

  • otis

    Let each  carry his own cross

    • geofry

      Not when some who were in the centre of things are enjoying. Only 2 politicians could not have visited the untold suffering on kenyans in 2008. Let us be honest in what we write. We know what happened in this country. We were not in the moon then. Kenyans must demand justice. Some we need to do it in the ballot and lock out all those who participated yet are now hanging Ruto and Uhuru. They must loose in the ballot and make them account for their deeds.

      • Gee

        Its unfortunate that some guys have taken this thing too personal and this is the problem of selective seeking for information, if you are in the know there is a list of others who are suspected to have contributed to the 2007 madness, the government machinery should be having the same list, there are other cases of rape, murder, destruction of private property that public prosecutors office can do nothing about because our professional police did a shoody job, this guys are taken in because they are the MAIN read MAIN suspects.
        It goes to show someone really struggled to bungle all other investigations a situation that has been the norm in this country and still is to now. Remember the university student run over after a night party? no one has been held accountable to date.
        Let some one take the horn of IMPUNITY and deal with it, we respect the guys taken in and if the court finds they have no connection to the madness they will be acquited, they are free to run for any seat as it is but as a country we also have the power to recall them if they are guilty. So let no one loose sleep over this matter its got its cause 

  • Kirwa

    Kibaki & Raila are the suspects, Do not crucify our Champions!!! This is injustice they are calling Justice…ICC knows nothing, We Kenyans watched this fight from Day1. Peace will prevail but wounds will not Heal.

  • Daniel

    Kenyans, what we should always remember is that human blood is not animal’s whoever is involved in shedding of other persons blood should be ready to pay for the consequences. Let them face the International Law as well as God’s

  • kirui

    Well   done  Mr. Ocampo, I  lost  my   cousin  due  to  police  brutality.  Major  Ali  should  have  gone  there   he    ordered  his  boys  to  kill  supporters  of  ODM.

  • Playainla

    what would be the reason for a reasonable Kenyan to be violent because some people have cases to answer. Media is blowing this out of proportion.

    • geofry

      Some went to the street just bcos Raila did not make it to state house. Have you forgotten? Or this time the shoe is on the other foot?

  • Likhalakhala

    The case should not take a long time since all the evidence is there. Most Kenyans know what happened.

  • Arthur Masiga

    Kila mtu atauchukua mzigo wake mwenyewe, kwenda na kusimama mbele ya kiti cha hukumu…Hapo atakapo kuja mwana wa siku hiyo inakuja… they sing. Lord Guide and protect Kenya.

  • kennedy

    peace peace be with kenyan lets maintain peace that God has given us.Uhuru,Roto Sang and Muthaura tuko pamoja.Uhuru remember u r the next president of kenya

  • Bonn23

    Its time for the three to speak the truth or face the law accordingly.

  • jonlogics

    now Ocampo is still camping around. But u see, Kenya is here to stay. You see, We must continue eating. You see we need an accomodative economy whefther heq or no heq.

  • Kioko

    The outcome has not Raila any favour….. infact the beneficiary of the fallout is Martha Karau, George Saitoti or Peter kenneth. If the cases were not confirme d, Ruto and Uhuru would probably appear on the ballot hence dividing the vote but in such an emotional election year, Raila will have fierce opponents who will blame on a few issues such a million march ….. and the like

  • Makhandiamark

    the light has already shone…..all those mysterious killings of JOHN PAUL,OSCAR OF OSCAR FOUNDATIONS,WIFE TO MAINA NJENGA,DEPUTY OF MAINA NJEGA……… &…..disappearance of youth from central province………kenyans they have been now confirmed……………my take…….TOM MBOYA’S blood will never go just like that……….

  • Guest

    Coming soon or should I say, next!!!

  • thanks 2 GOD Ali is free

  • Deniskeno

    May God guide them in their future endeavors.

  • Mumasikennedy

    Let justice be given way men