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  1. They ought to resign without being told. We need leaders like Kilonzo who speak up their mind without fear. Even with the president having a legal team study the ruling, Ruto and Kenyatta should step down and they shouldn’t be allowed to run for presidency.

  2. The basic def of Integrity is moral soundness; with charges of having organized chaos that led to killings on ones neck, integrity is soiled and so being a leader. Drum it up Mutula, they might hear you as much as they try to close their ears.

          1. … Nobody is indispensable, there are many kiuks and kaleos, who can still be leaders in Kenya. What is all this fuss about Ruto and Uhuru? Kenyans wake up, it is such parochial thinking and minds that are keeping us from taking off, and taking our rightful place on the global map

          2. Guys Ruto wanted to go to Hague, his running mate Mr. Jirongo wanted Hague, Kutuny wanted Hague; while they were advocating for Hague, the president and the prime minister were busy lobbying for trials here; why are we now pulling tribes into this, lets them face the Hague after all 

          3. hahahahahah ojowi and charlie are at war, poor fellows, these guys don’t even know you, and they will never know you why the beef?

      1. githii that is hate speech. we shall trasit u to kibunja. listen a listen carefully !!!! we shall vote them ata wakiwa hague and Raila will never be the president period……………..

    1. You say this because you have lost none,what if you had lost 4 in your family,here the law of NATURE
      takes place.immediately.Its time you think like a Kenyan,it least for those who are yet to come.

    1. Its  the  law  Anne, there  is  no courtship  here….or  you think  there is ? Even  if there  was, Mutula  doesnt  have  to please  someone, he  has  achieved  it  all !!  I  hope its  nothing  to do with  your  surname

      1. where does Njoroge ‘s ssurname come in.The funny thing is that the people who shout thief loudest are the greatest thieves.

    2. Certainly! He is pleasing his new found godfathers. With no chance of ever get elected again, and with promise of retaining his ministerial docket, what else can you expect? Its only too natural to be used to sabotage Kalonzo and in the process, PNU alliance, for merchants of deceit to get their way! Remember the Biblical Abel was killed by his own brother? Anyone showing bad feelings towards our dear brothers Hon.Uhuru and Hon. Ruto at this time, must be none Kenyan. We are all brothers and we can NEVER entertain anyone celebrating their pain. Using empty false sympathy for supposed victims can NEVER justify that. They are our leaders and stickly love them. 

  3. Kudos  honourable  mutula  you  are  acting  as  per  the  law   without  fear  or  intimidation   from  watermelons     like   the  so  called  VP.  Please  carry  on  MWESHIMIWA   well  spoken.

    1. Watermelons are those who use lies, malicious propaganda and poisonous tribalism to sabotage implementation of the new constitution. Hired mercenaries like Mutula Kilonzo are actually watermelons! By the way, people who coined the word are actually the same ones who had to be hospitalized with false illness in order to fool the public to pass the constitution! Their presence in the yes campaign trail was certainly negative. And meant Rift valley, Central  and Eastern provinces were to give the new law a capital “NO”  to its passage.  However, as is normal with opportunists wearing different false stickers, when the constitution was passed, they were the first to claim its ownership! But since truth cant be hidden for long, events have clearly shown who are the watermelons. If Justice Omollo is not there, “I was not consulted!” If Tobiko’s number 2 in the interview doesnt get the job, “Tobiko is corrupt!” If my Omongeni is not there, “these anti-corruption body nominees dont have passion to fight corruption!” And all this entails delays in implementing the constitution! Who is the worst watermelon here? Kindly stop the fooling, we have had enough!!!!

  4. how can we have leaders who’s integrity is MASSIVELY compromised?! They should swallow their pride, stop pulling their tribes into this crap and face justice! 

      1. charlie, lets  face the  reality..there are many  kikuyus  out here  thinking  Kikuyu  community is on trial…and  kalenjins  as well.Let  this  guys  face  justice, after all, they have the  money to  buy  best  lawyers in the  world.

  5. Indeed, Mutula is the only sober minister. Law must be followed and this time round these fellow must follow it. No  hiding again in tribal cocoons. 

  6. …..and pave way for your kupitia katikati boss, kwenda kabisa! No one is resigning until they are found guilty by a court of law 

  7. What  integrity  or  morality  are  these  guys  left  with ?  For  the pre trial  chamber  to confirm  them, it  relied  on law  and evidence !!  They  should  have  left  public  office by  now

  8. Mutula is right. The law is made for everyone including MPs and ministers. If Uhuru and Ruto think they are a law unto themselves let them ask Nancy Baraza who thought everyone should know her due to her position. We want leaders who respect the constitution, not those who think they can be a law unto themselves.

  9. “How can you become the president of the victims who are supposed to give evidence against you?Well done Mutula tell them without fear, some people are hiding behind a thin bush

  10. Mutula Kilonzo: Kalonzo Musyoka’s Confused Mouthpiece!Mutula as a confused politician masquerading as a legal expert, adding it is evil for him to accuse others of impunity while impunity could well be his other name.
    · We shall interrogate this Mutula fellow in the fullness of time! Has he misappropriated Mbooni constituency CDF funds; did he steal from the NSSF; is he now earning any salary now from the Parliamentary Service Commission, because everything was going to the KRA to cater for the taxes he had refused to pay, all the time he was Moi’s legal advisor; who was General Sanni Abacha (former Nigerian dictator) to him, et cetera?

    1. Mutula Kilonzo is NOT Kalonzo’s confused mouthpiece as you put it. Remember when Kalonzo was involved in shuttle diplomacy to  stop ICC, Mutula was still at sabotage. Remember he sided with treacherous ODM cheats? He has actually been promised same justice ministry in future government of merchants of deceit. He is a hired mercenary, specifically to sabotage Kalonzo. But sometimes when your IQ is too thin, you hardly read things correctly, sorry pal! 

  11. Speaking of law makers who don’t know law… Why do they have to be told? Si they wrote the constitution? Ama they thought it would only apply to ‘others’?
    It’s not like they even need the money they get from their jobs anyway! 

  12. They are not going anywhere after all. So you can as well protest by resigning. Basic political dignity dictates that. Over to you Mutula!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course you are the holy of holies. Bravo!!!!!!!!!

    1. The wheels of justice grinds so slowly but surely. By now a few are realizing that the Hague is nolonger vague,.. its REAL!

  13. Chapter Six and Article 75 of the Constitution as mentioned here, Does not appear anywhere. Can anyone please guide me on the said chapter and what is says in relation to the above statement.

  14. So long as RAILA is not in Hague then hague is vague and Obama tool. Forget about hague, we don’t give a hoot in hell  we in the riftvalley will vote for Ruto/Uhuru to the last man and see how tinga will become president by roasting is opponents.

    1. You are deluded. u can throw tantrums all u want, but by now if u were wise u would realize that tantrums and chest thumping and calling people names, can only worsen a bad situation. ask Uhuru, Ruto, and sang n they will confirm that to u

  15. The nation belongs to all of us not a few, let us keep peace, i have travelled to many Africa countries and i believe Kenya is a beautiful country.

    I remember what kilonzo said in the past in one of his normal meetings, not sure when but it read in part the lion is in the cage, in deed it is, without ICC some of us could have been devoured by the big cats, it is hard to have brave citizens like Mutula,Thanks

  16. Mutula Kilonzo, What do you think you are doing. We are trying to cool down the ashes and you are busy looking for fire flies. What is wrong with you?

    1. No! Mutula is saying the truth. There are no ashes to cool down and we cannot compromise because we don’t want to fight. To save this country we don’t need cowards but people ready to call the spade a spade.

  17. Oh my friend mutula,you will be ignored n they will continue serving.Martha Karua resigned because whatever she wanted to be done when  she was a justice minister was not done.please prepare to resign.

  18. for the first time in history we are seeing a minister who has said no to impunity,which school did kalonzo musyoka attend if he cannot interprete a simple article and he claims to be a lawyer,some people have thought kenya is their personal property,what is the ag saying/

  19. Impunity must be dealt with.Law or now law,if they still have some conscience left in them,they rather resign from their seats and redeem whatever little is left of their dignity.

  20. I totally agree with you learned friend. it is the height of impunity for the accused to continue holding such high offices. in all fairness they are not guilty until proven so but now that their charges have been confirmed, and so serious are the charges, common sense and basic moral instincts dictates that they step down or are forced out.

  21. I also believe it’s the height of hypocricy for Kalonzo to say that the day the ICC confirmed the charges was the darkest day in Kenyan history. If you Kalonzo has even an iota of love as God talks about in the Bible you shoul realise that such statemnts are very hurting to those who lost loved ones during the post election violence. You seem so heartless by what you’ve said. The day Akuku lost his entire family, the day innocent Kenyans were burnt alive inside a Church, the house of God-that was the darkest day for Kenyans who value life! Political opportunists should be careful what they say as the country tries to heal. And some of these pple call themselves christians!

    1. If the country is skinned infront of the whole world, thats the darkest day for us pal. However, when you are carried out by tribal loyalty, nothing matters but your village idol. My very reliable source tells me that this celebrated “victim” actually “did” himself. He told his family to leave for Siaya and headed to a petrol station to buy fuel to burn the “Kikuyu house” he was staying in. Unknown to him, his folks were told at bus stage that mugiki was already on prowl for their kins killers. They then rushed back to the same house. Ndege fellow believing his family had already left, set the house on fire and the rest is history. The story told and retold is actually not correct at all. Is like those KP&L co ltd employees who were killed by APs  in Eldoret when they went o disconnect illegally  connected power. Only for the public to be told that they were mistaken for thieves when they went to “restore power!” Do thieves have to go up power poles? And when expecting people to bring favors to you do you shoot without asking questions? And can a thief escape when up the pole?  Elaborate propaganda has been laid down for Kenyans pal!

  22. Honourable Kilonzo, I dont know if you do know it but let me tell you that among the few kenyans our country needs the most at this time, you are one of them and you can take that to the bank. Some other guys like Kalonzo are judases who have hidden agendas in their continued support of those convicted of criminal activities….My only question is, why havent you resigned from this sycophant and join Awambo. Martha Karua, Nyachae of CIC, CJ, GITHONGO among others are what our country needs now. Forget about the puppet called AG. Sir you are a breath of very fresh air.

  23. Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo has been promised same ministry in any future government of merchants of deceit. Armed with that mere promise, the good lawyer has attempted to sabotage his brothers in Wiper Democratic Momvement. However, his eagerness to betray seems not to wash at all. While the fellow is a fine lawyer, he is certainly not a good politician at all. I guess thats why he abandoned his constituents long long time ago. The fellow should be fired with immediate effect. For the last 2 years, he has used his huge mouth to tear up the government he purports to serve. Needless to say, he hardly adds any value to  government. Furthermore, people who think they can serve with divided loyalty are traitors and deserves to be treated as such! 

  24. We know you Mutula Kilonzo, you are working for Kalonzo Musyoka to becoming the president. Shame on you dont you believe in fair competition to let the best win? Do you want us to revisit your activities during the Moi era who you really are and the things you did during that time. Kenya is an amazing country that you are sitting on top of justice seat. I hope at night you have nightmares when you imagine people could go back to your past. You are lucky shut your mouth and enjoy your ill forgotten loot.

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