• Tekle

    kenaya leader are the dumpest and the worst puppy of meles(ethipea).how dare they think to mislead to the today’s technology.it’s easy to confire with avition to this. it’s a sham to the people of kenaya the way their leader   trring to munipulate this unfounded and unthinkable idealogy.I have never seen or hear like you leaders dump and stupid in my life.Meles is better than you.he is a smart enough.he is working to acheive his mission.Becouse is trying to escope from the border dispute resulation.But you kenya are just don’t know what you doing.Meles is using you as tool of wopean to attact Eritrea .Go and play with fire to yourself if you need. we people of eritrea have more knowleage about quensiquence of war. so, live us alone. dont try to invite us to play on the fire with you. might be war is new for you, but for us it’s not.You stupid manafucker cant’ make any change to us weather you lie or not.We are really disappointed with your claim.This is unexcuse lie and never forgetable history.dont try to administrate us you need to admistrate to yourself first.until this day,you dont know yourself you are under colony of British.Free youself from slavery first then speak about this later.

    • wilfred mose

      It is completely unacceptable for you to discredit our leaders at this critical point when we are protecting our national integrity.If at all your goverment was involved as alleged,it is unacceptable and uncalled for.In any case,being icons of of war does’nt make you superior or any better.It makes you look barbaric   and a true identity of the reason why africa is ranking bottom amongst other continents.We are talking about globalization you know,where Britain is as willing to work with it’s former colonies as the chines or the Americans are.This is meant to affect the world positively across the board.Think twice before you post your stupid comments.

      • Truth

        Wilfred are you saying discredit ? you know we all know them how they are corupt, and am sure you know their salaries, and someone who lives in Kibera struggling to get one bread a day, that is not my point, my point is why are those leaders of ethiopia and kenya be a weapon of westerns ? for your information the reason why western countries blackmailing eritrean name is because we said no for NEOCON, and at this time the only african country who doesn’t have debt of outside organisations or Countries, we are working to feed our people and we made it, we said no for NGO is because they put 80% of the money using luxery cars and lives in comfortable houses at the expenses of the starved people. anyways eritrea is on the right truck. in somalia case our GOV policy is  clear, we want somalis to solve their problem by bringing together those the so called semi authonomes rigions like somaliland, puntland, jubaland and others. after they come together it is up to them to be an independent state by voting a refrundem, period !!! this is the only solution and the best solution to solve somalis problem, piracy is a symptom not the main problem. once they become together they can kick out those pirates. by the way those pirates were fishermen, and they became pirate because those big nations ships take the advantage because there is no central GOV in somalia start taking all the fishs from those fishermen’s mouth, so the only chioce they have put their boats and buy AK-47 and be a pirate.

    • dedeb ertrean leave us alone…

      • Aghilay

        the worst is ts the kenyans are not just stupit as we know they er lazzy also if you see Niroby even they do not have an asfalt street the goverment is too bussy on cruption than on work
         i want to advise them come to asmara we will teach how to live easy and clean than slave and dump to others.
        it is too shame how your people live with this crupted white warshiper  authortis
        shame  shame shameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      • Asfahaephrem

        Agame wahid

        • Golymountain

          anta tegorami kem adeu kid nabe goteteka biyati hetseb sebeyetaye

        • AK-47

          ANSEBA WAHID,

      • jimbo

        Sisay Tesfa in that case “You and Dedeb lemagn weyane leave us alone” you are the one who is dragging behind our A** for the last 30 or more years.

    • Mmaasai

      As much as you would like to call our leaders names I don’t agree with you, they are not the greatest in the would but they are not stupid as you would like to make them seem, two rather than focusing on this issue I think you have a bigger issue in your hands, I advice you as friend go take some english classes so that you can be able to communicate with the rest of the world cos since only you can communicate freely with the rest of the world. Or you will blame your poor English too to our so called stupid leader.

    • AK-47

      HEY WEDY ANSEBA, before you try to write your comment you should brush your English and spell  your words correctly.
      Koysom do WEDI BOKRETSION 

    • Mr Tekle, you am sorry to say sound like one deluded character! First of all you are so incoherent almost laughable, at least being a former British colony we’ve learnt to write and speak coherent English. The problem with horn of Africa – Ethiopia & Eriteria you still have issues with colonialism and maybe even racism. The colonialists left in the 20th century we’re now in the 21st century, Ethiopia not being colonised may be a good thing- that was ages ago- so please stop dwelling on past glories and wake up smell the coffee, and live peacefully with your African brothers and sisters since colonised or not we all need each other to advance this underdeveloped continent.  


    As eritrean I want to say this…the eritrean people are peaceloving and humble people. We want to live in peace and harmony with all our neghbours. Our government’s behavior in the horn doesnot represent the eritrean people. we are sick n tired of war. ” It is good that africa has only one horn”..the geopolitics of the horn is influenced by many foreign super powers, interest of local and international entities. it is not secret that both Ethiopia and Eritrea are fighting a proxy war in somalia…and now Kenya is engaged to this mess probably influenced by meles.  Please lets sit together and solve our problems. Africans have long tradition of solving their problems not by guns but by conversation.

    • kindishih

      I agree the people of Eritrea are peace-loving and humble, but the government in the reverse is true…

  • resah, getz hibey

    Don’t get too excited. The Kenyans were just a little paranoid in the beginning of Somalian invasion. This report should calm them down a little. Just as a note: Eritrea is too busy mining Gold and other precious metal.   

  • sami

    Do you know what? we Eritreans have tired teaching the starved Ethiopians  on how to feed your stomach than leaving by hand out, and to the Kenyans how to work than stealing some  ones belongings. Tired, tired ,tired any way if you want you can go to hell ,look some other countries that took independent with you where is china today,  ha…. you keep talking, give us  five more years  then we know how to shut your mouth ……..

  • EthioGirl

    The problem is with the so called Ethiopian leaders. They come from ethinic called Tigray region. They are the minority, minority people compared to the other ethinics in Ethiopia. This minority is sucking Ethiopians wealth beyond repair. Melese Zenawi and his wife accumilated $ 4billion dollars in foreign countries. Melese zenawi, begged in the name of Ethiopian starvation for the last twenty years, and steal the money from the donors. Ethiopians, are still starving daily bases. As i am writing this, Ethiopia is begging again for donors, to feed her 3million people. This minority people are hated by all Ethiopians people. They are liars, beggars, and murderrers. All this acqusation against Eritrea is just for coverup to deflect the Ethiopians from the real problem, as if there is bigger enemy out there. Melese, zenawi and his minority Tigryans blood sucker should be brought to justic and transfer the power to the majority Ethiopians. Kenya, should stop collaborated with this murderer minority thugs.

  • Amadou

    So the report is not credible because UN didn’t visit Kenya? where did the planes landed in Kenya or Somalia? this is too funny, UN went to the source man.  

    • Hadendewa

      I like your logic, man. When Kenyans last time were pressed to come up with a proof that Eritrea supplied al Shabab with plane loaded of ammunitions, the response from the Kenyan foreign ministry was something like..” well if Eritrea does not openly condemn alShabab they must be supporting them” how silly a statement is this coming from highest government official?. And now here you have another Kenyan official making a fool of himself and in state of denial of UN report with respect to the “3 planed loaded weapons landing in Boada..from Eritrea.bla bla bla” fairy tale. 

  • Bere

    Hello everybody,
    I am an Eritrean and am glad if the so called governement in Asmara is not sending weapons. Please let us talk about issues. We are all brothers and sisters. All our governments are corrupt and so is the west. But governments will change but we will all live next to each other. I LOVE ERITREA. I LOVE KENYA. I LOVE ETHIOPIA.

    • Thank you very much Bere! You are right we trully are brothers and sisters and we all need each other wether Kenyan, Ethiopian or Eriterian. God bless us all

  • Jimbo

    Instead of complaining about the crediblity of UN’s investigation, you know it was a lie in the first place, why don’t you just swallow your over inflated ego and apologize to the Gov.of Eritrea and its people for black mailing Eritrea and  misleading the world community. I know the truth heart badly, but you can’t hide from reality. Your excuse ain’t gone fly now so Deal With It !!!

    • Hadendewa

      Good comment Jimbo

  • Ormoiyaan

    I used to respect as free and independent country. But they have turned themselves as tool to others. They have immersed themselves in to unnecessary squabbles with neighboring Somailians and Oromos Kenyans should stay away from being tools of others if they want respect from other Africans Stop arresting and jailing Oromiyaans to appease Ethiopian govt. Now kenyans govt officials are degrading the proud people of kenya after they caught of lies eritrea helping alshababab

  • Baba

    Tekle, I dont seem to understand you simply because your English is so. Maybe you should express yourself in your mother tongue and have your expressions translated.

  • Oooooo

    The Foreign Affairs Ministry Director of the Horn of Africa Division Lindsey Kiptiness is effectively confirming the notoriously corrupt Kenyan politician’s membership to Melese Zenawi’s woyane whore house. I feel sorry for the decent and peace loving people of Kenya.

  • Samsonfurukha

    Eritrea and Kenya are not playing in the same league. The comments Eritreans are giving simply show how far they are from the realities of life. To them war is still fashionable.Leave Kenya and Lovely Kenyans alone.

  • Mark

    paruwanja la mihadarati………..is it propagandaish to think the al shabaab were compromising the drug route?