• Boiyot

    This tension is killing me already! ICC get on with it will you?

  • Vamostumo

    Sheer politics now thriving.

  • Jkalanat

    This media people should stop this sensational and emotion-full reporting, the suspects have said they are ready for any outcome, whether confirmations or otherwise, the communities who fought have reconcile and have fully integrated and now leaving peacefully!

  • This thing is full of suspense. The ICC should deliver the verdict immediately and they should also know Kenyans have reconciled. The politicians should not appear to be taking undue advantage over those six and appear to be suggesting they have reached a dead end. You fix someone in a corner who believes and still maintains that he is innocent, may make him act like a cornered a cat! It may look unfair but we wait for the ICC to show their findings based on what Occampo presented (based, may be, on slanted viewpoints)

  • its some like people know what i dont know.