• Guest

    What would you expect a Luo analyst to say?

  • karisdom

    RAO attack dogs

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the wet dream, you just might get there.

  • Vickacky

    i came to realise all this capital bloggers are so tribalistic. if u compare with nation online bloggers. u get mature people with mature and sober ideas….

    • Mark

      You are sick! Nation filter the reality and is ever biased. Their comment platform  is a century backwards and breaks down often that bloggers are blocked out. The site has NEVER been upgraded for sijui how long, same artcles stuck on most popular for weeks and news updating is after we get from all other. Nation is the most irritating blog online. So far I find capital leading them all in our local media. NMG only does well on tv, maybe, online……..too bogus to swallow. Sori NMG.

  • What is the name of the Analyst??.OK he has just analyzed as expected.

  • Anonymous

    For the information of this ignorant, puffed up so called ‘analyst’, Ruto’s political fortunes cannot be decided by foreigners, Mutula Kilonzo or ODM fanatics no matter how important and powerful they believe they are. 

    Ruto’s political future can only be decided by his Kalenjin backyard, the second largest registered voter bloc in the Nation, and which is solidly behind him. So, If he is not being ‘weighed down’ by this Kalenjin mass of voters, what does he care what others who are not ready to vote for him think? If the 2.4 million strong Kalenjin voter mass say that he rans for President come hell or high water, that is exactly what he will do, Mutula and ICC be damned. 

    Exactly the same sentiments apply to Uhuru – he has the solid backing of the 4.5 million strong GEMA bloc behind him, and if they say he rans, he will ran, end of story. Those who don’t like it can buy Y-fronts and go jump in the Indian ocean.