• mkenyamvumilivu

    holy territories? where girls are raped at will and people killed like flies by their kinsmen. please they are demonic and should be dealt with as such.

  • Gugagodfrey

    Lol! they passed with them up to Bardhere.. I thought kenyan military are close to Barthere lol. How did they pass the military?.
    This is a big embarassement for kenyan military. They should go back to drawing table.

    • Sorgumbarley

      Gugagodfrey… there’s nothing to lol (laugh out loud) for. 

  • Anonymous

    I piss on Shabaab

  • Satan and his’ demons desires holiness, but they are so evil that they call their darkness light!
    The end of Islam is at hand that is while we are seeing so much evil from Muslims.


    Is this the best the so called ‘baby fighters’ can afford to do!.Why not kidnap the real enemy.If it is civilians,KDF can annex the whole of somalia within minutes.Oh sheikh######,you may not believe this but this fosters the believe that you  and your baby followers are  COWARDS  who have no guts of facing any enemy except the feeble somalis that you’ve enslaved for decades.But believe me you,a special bullet is awaiting you when your judgement day finally comes;it will be sooner than you can imagine in YOUR WILDEST SYCOPHANCY AND FANATICISM.

    • Imtixaan

      You can reach Kismayo How and you can secure your country let alone capture whole Somalia. What are you Smoking Monkey?

      • Imtixaan

        You can’t reach Kismayo or Secure your country let alone capture whole Somalia. What are you smoking monkey?

    • Somali Nationalist

      It has been 4 months you monkey..and you cant get passed 100km..Kenya itself belongs to us and we will take it. Nairobi is ours, Mombasa is ours..you are nothing but monkeys put in their by the British..Al-shabab appointed a president for the Islamic state of Kenya last week and they will start their liberation war real soon..And what r u smoking monkey..Jogoraa…Annex Somalia hahahah..c’mon..please…Al-shabab just kidnapped kenyan government officials and police officers inside their own base deep inside kenya…when thousands of your monkey troops are in our soil..on the other side..with their heavy weapons and tanks..Al-shabab was able to send 50 men to capture them along with kenyan military trucks and weapons and bring it back to Baardheere town in Gedo region safely by passing through the kenyan frontlone..hahahah GOD IS GREAT..face it children…you are fighting real fighters..the same fighters America itself is afraid of…

  • some muslims people make me wonder! where is the brain of this people,or for some reasons this guys are created without common sense,there are not even thinking about millions of somalias people who are leaving in our country,how many kenyans who leave in somalia??/Abundacting a few kenyans and put them on a pickup  in the street in somalia,what  about there people in Isilii???  

    • Somali Nationalist

      The people in Isli are not soldiers or fighters..or ministers..they are civilians..and the people abducted by Al-shabab were at war with Al-shabab..theres a difference..Al-shabad did not abduct civilians..and if you try to hurt those somaliz in Isli..not only will you lose the millions of dollars they bring into kenya every month  but also start a ethnic war…and all of the somali people will be at war with you..cos those somaliz are not Al-shabab but belong to all the tribes in Somalia including Somaliland and , Djibouti…then you will be giving us kenya easily to us..i mean is that what you want..

  • Uhmara

    Chanting “God is great” Seriously….What The FFFuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    Don’t use God’s name in vain you fucking worthless CUNTS………………………………..

  • Kenya

    Soon n very soon u (al shabaab) will be finished. Infact al shabaab is a batch of very few but very greedy individuals who brain wash others by denying them education and teaching them to be radicals through Islam to ensure there ideas are parmanently and easily implanted in those minds of the uneducated.That way they become very rich “Mujahedens”.Unfortunately your days are now over. Peace and rule of law must return to Somalia this time round.N if u think we are cowed by loosing men in battle think again cos for every one we loose, be it a civilian,KDF or Kenya police, be prepared to loose 100 n that, I promise u.GOD IS GREAT