• Elijah Andika

    This new culture our leaders have adapted of forming parties to use them for their selfish interest/gains only to dump or mutilate them after winning or losing should be stopped by the law. Parties are used as ladders to leaders only to be pushed away. Some day our leaders will miss the ladder to bring them down safely I don’t know when but I believe some day.

  • Anthony Kibugi

    we are yet to see another concocted alliance based on imaginary unity only to fail after the elections….Kenya wake up we need to see the former Harambee Spirit resurrect, i dont trust the current politicians Anthony Kibugi Kampala, UG

  • Mwangalendo

    10 million members………..from where!! As usual someone somewhere is out to make a quick buck from printing tee shirts & caps, receipt books and other stationery, hiring offices etc. I wouldn’t trust a politician even with the bath water of my baby as they would most likely sell it as a concocted remedy to some imaginary ailment!! Unless the minimum threshold for accountability and fair practice (two words that mean nothing to politicians) is upheld by this alliance they are getting nowhere fast.My bet is by the end of April 2012 they will be in a shambolic and chaotic state……..like all other alliances before them!!

  • Samuel macharia.

    We are behind you come what may but this will be based on the party unity.
    We know what you stand for.
    umoja ni nguvu na utengano ni udhaivu.
    Samuel macharia.

  • sue kanini

    do ‘leaders’ ever say out aloud the names they give their parties and hear how they sound? ooh no they wouldn’t even have the time to be silent for one minute as they are busy bashing their opponents…..ati wiper wat?