0 thoughts on “MARTIN-ODEGAARD”

  1. Regardless of the fact it is your enemy, that picture is deplorable and disrespectful.  I’m all for supporting our troups, but those types of actions disgrace our nation. 

  2. Soldiers are representatives of the US when they are on foreign soil.  Actions like this don’t just put them in a bad light, but they also fuel the flames of Anti-US sentiment abroad, and they show the US military as being a bunch of undisciplined cowboys.  Not a good picture to show the world, people…

  3. How about the Taliban who chopped off the American’s heads in that video that was shown on the internet?  Do you think their Government reprimanded them?

  4. The fact that they had not been taken into custody implies a weak case.  I don’t recall the UCMJ mentioning “desecration of the dead” a court martial offence.  I’m sure the prosecution will find something to hang on these Marines.  If I were their appointed legal defense council, I’d argue “failure to communicate policy” from the higher chain of command.  Granted the Geneva Convention stipulates “treatment of enemy remains with dignity,” but the actions of these Marines clearly implies they were unaware they were in violation of policy.  Furthermore, to the best of my knowledge, I thought the Geneva Convention pertains to the treatment of POWs only, but I suppose we can argue dead enemies are a category of non-living POWs (prisoner of war).

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