• Boiyot

    aah… and the circus moves on…

  • Omolorao

    And when are they resigning from their current parties?? What became of the Political Parties Act? Is it suspended?  The PP Act will eventually be the weakest link in the entire election scenario.  If party membership is to have real meaning then they should that Government department that see’s to it that there is a central database of members of each party where movement from one party to the other is tracked and eventually party elections will be done by members, party hoping will  be at a cost, and finally only bony fide members will have a true say in party affairs.  Short of this, and with Kenyans lacking the ability to self run/manage truthfully affairs of parties and therefore state, the Political Parties Act will remain as is, a sham

  • Mazzdark

    Somebody is going to have to explain to me how someone can ‘join’ three parties in one week and the Registrar of Political Parties not only does nothing but intervenes to pave the way at UDM for Ruto and his allies. Mr Speaker and Registrar: ARE THESE PEOPLE ABOVE THE LAW!!

  • Dankit2011

    Total NONSENSE. Why did we vote  a new constitution if parties are changed like clothed. Where are party ideologies and principals? I pity Kenya with such kind of leaders

  • Lance Toid

    This is impunity of the highest order in total disregard of the Political Parties Act. Is the registrar of political parties in office or she has gone to the Caribbean for a vacation. No wonder we are in the Hague. How much can Kenyans really take from this so called leaders.

    • K3faustine

      speak it loud might be u can be heard!………wonder if u criticize other is other issues n ppl as this.

  • Cie

    More like United Ruto Pawns.What constitution and family values is he talking about?