0 thoughts on “James Situma stop George Odhiambo of Gor Mahia”

  1. Where are these so called human rights do gooders–when Al Shabab plants land mines, throws grenades all over killing innocent Kenyan civillians and security men?

  2. this proves how well trained and professional the KDF and security forces are to deal with scenarios such as this. criminalizing the entire people from Somalia is only gaining more sympathy,support and recognition for Al-shabab.I predicted that this is going to happen and watch the worst is yet to happen.

  3. Bure Kabisa is this so called Human Rights Watch. First of, where are they “watching from”? Are they more concerned about these blood sucking terrorists or just mouthing off? If some Somalians are aiding these vampires, Al Shabab, they ought to be punished by all means necessary. Eti beatings! laughable.Wameleta Fujo. Watandikwe kabisa. Hii tabia ya kuwaficha hawa matakoristis (terrorists) lazima imalizwe. Tumia rungu on their ashy knee caps.

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