• Anonymous

    Hahahaha Hon Gumo you are just the winner, VIP means very important person like ministers, judges, religious leaders, business magnates and in every day live we accord them due respect tupende tusipende, so let us stop pretending and give VIP their fair share of the cake…. that is the world for you. you can take it to any local bank!

  • legacy99

    lets stop this nonsence baraza should face the full force of the law are this vip not human being like other people

  • Frednjiri

    lol  it is a case of one defending one of their own hahaha Gumo has in the past condemned many people unheard, so why should it be different now coz Baraza is Luyha pls,   “She has not killed anybody! This is something very small she did” quoting Gumo small small small u gat to be kidding me…….

  • Nash

    Tell it to the birds Fred

  • Kundu

    The DCJ’s security detail failed her and should be the ones to be disciplined. They should never have allowed Ms. kerubo to come into contact with the DCJ in the first place, leave alone talk to her. what I expect is that as they approached the screening point, one of the security detail should have ran ahead of the DCJ to inform Ms. Kerubo to note that the person approaching was a VIP and I am sure Ms. Kerubo could not have subjected the DCJ to any screening and whatever happened couldn’t have taken place.  

    • samuel ondire meda

      inform them they  let dcj down  iam very sad about this story,why dont we forgive and move ahead as kenyans

  • Saki

    The Village Market is not a place to hold barazas!!!

  • Anonymous

    VIP kitu gani? Kwani they dont breathe the same air like us? or their blood is blue? Bure Kabisa, infact those VIPs should be thoroughly frisked, they are being used by Alshabaab

  • Joseph Mkari

    Mr. Gumo. Who is important than the other in this beatuful land? We are all equal in the eyes of the Lord and further more in the new constitution we passed some few days ago. Don’t forget very fast.

  • Jarateng

    Shame  on you so called minister it will soon come to Kenya that when a parent pinch the nose or any  part of the body of his/her child it will be considered an assault. Please minister do not expose your ignorance in public I am  sorry to call you a minister. Just respect others positions in life remember that forty million Kenyans can not be ministers at the same time. Rebecca Kerubo’s position in life is important and should be respected. At the end of the day you do not put food on her table. I hope one day some one from somewhere will come and wipe out all these African feel big syndrome mentality out of our land. God help poor Kenyans this man is promoting violence it is not worth listening to him. Let us be civilized if a guard is rude to you, you should know what to do. Taking the law into your own hands is a criminal offence. The minister is promoting it. Shame Shame Hon. Gumo you should take interpersonal courses it seems you are in the wrong place. Hon.Gumo next year you will not be a minister do you expect Kenyans not to respect you?  In security services the security personnel are expected to be pro-active and not to take things for granted. Do not support Ms Baraza because she is from you community this is wrong.

  • Oludavin

    Where were most of those here commenting against the DCJ when Athur brothers were being treated as deputy police boss, enjoying government security and protection? Where were they when the Athur brothers were insulting and threatening Kenyans while enjoying government protection? Where were these Kikuyu tirbesmen when Lucy Kibaki invaded Starndard media house? Which act of terrorism did DCJ do? Who acted as a terrorist; Athurs, Lucy or Nancy? Let us be honest and balance without prejudices. The DCJs security personel have a case to answer. Kerubo is giving mixed statements. The CID boss is already taking sides and it seams some tribes men wan to fix DCJ so us to get a chance of succeding her. It’s all about tribalism because Kikuyus are shouting the most. Why? 

    • Unbelievable

      Its now clear that what we are dealing with here is a Luhya problem. They are having difficulty reconciling primitive customs with civilized behavior. Urgent need for civic education. 

  • Jarateng

    Two wrongs do not make right Oludavin. We should look to the future the past is history. No Kenyan is after Ms Baraza’s job. If a Kenyan do wrong because the other Kenyan did the same last year and got away with it, then how are we going to get rid of impunity and corruption. You know that power corrupt hear the minister say that he told the security personnel to shut up. He did not show any respect for the security personnel at all how does he expect the security personnel to respect him. If they start scaring these people them the Al Sabaab will take advantage of this and hit our country very hard. In a civilized society the minister instead of telling the security to shut up he would have started by saying words like this excuse me sir she is my wife and we have just come from state house. The security check point should be arranged in away that men and women are checked apart and not close to another. Still Ms Baraza was wrong to take the law into her on hands period. She should go so that others can learn a lesson from this even if it means getting another DCJ from the same community.  

  • Unbelievable

    Its now clear that what we are dealing with here is a Luhya problem. They are having difficulty reconciling primitive customs with civilized behavior. Urgent need for civic education.

  • Anonymous

    “All people are not equal; rather some people are more equal than others”. The sentiments by Gumo  not only underscore his public  arrogance but also, evidently, categorize him in the  same group as Baraza. Whether his defense is tribal driven, it is evident that Gumo is guilty of the same crime haunting Baraza. How dare you tell the security at statehouse to “shut up” when they checked your wife’s bag? We all have some level of insanity. It’s only a matter of opportunity for it to show up.  You and your wife are not exception and should not be allowed to go under the radar of security. Who knows when your insanity show up? It might show up at statehouse.  I wish you would present your VIP status at an international airport and tell security to shut up. Again you show a lot of ignorance to equate Baraze case as a father and son analogy. Who said that a Father cannot be questioned for his actions? Besides, Baraza was not in her own territory to exercise the so called child abuse scenario you presented. Wake up! This is a new era and a new Kenya and your likes will not survive with that kind of mentality.

  • Francis

    This CAVEMAN belongs  to a museum.Abusing a security officer makes you a hero?Your logic is so rotten one wonders why/how you can be a “minister-only in Kenya would you say such BS”. A poor mother of three kids/a wife of a poor Kenyan is not a CHILD OF BARAZA TO PINCH as a hobby! No wonder you have made a career organizing thugs to terrorize your competitor – Njeri Tett and got away with it! You breath/eat live on violence against the poor and all those you consider-NOT VIP.Police commish. should investigate the abuse meted to his officers and charge you for obstruction of police work.The poor police officers put their lives on the line-sleeping outside your house so that you can ENJOY LIFE.For that they earn peanuts-sleep in make-shift “houses” and all you can do is look down/abuse their sacrifice? They need to be trained to “KNOW PEOPLE-AND DISTINGUISH THEM FROM ANIMALS-REALLY?” Because nobody was killed by the DCJ makes it “very small matter”? Is that where we are now-if nobody dies its o.k? You should know that you have made the DCJ look even worse- i hope she did not have anything to do with it.Each an every day the poor KERUBO looks like an angel-looking down on a bunch of morons trying to outdo each other on a scale of “THE MOST STUPID OF THEM ALL”. IT IS OVER FOR HER!SHE CANNOT CONTINUE TO SERVE HER POSITION-NOT BECAUSE SHE IS GUILTY BUT IF THAT IS HOW SHE HANDLES ISSUES THEN KENYANS DESERVE BETTER.She has no integrity/honor required for her office.Notice she used official stationary-signed to issue a statement? In a civilized world when you have been accused of a crime-YOU INFORM YOUR BOSS/EMPLOYER FOR PR REASONS.IT IS YOUR EMPLOYER WHO USES THE OFFICIAL STAMP-LETTER-HEAD TO ISSUE A STATEMENT-NOT YOU! In short you abused your position by issuing a STATEMENT TO THE MEDIA AS IF YOU ARE YOUR OWN EMPLOYER.I HOPE THE CJ GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO DO SO-WE ARE WAITING TO HEAR! 

  • Mzalendo

    Absolutely Bullshit. The Security Guard is alos a VIP in her own right. Impunity in Kenya will never end if dick heads like this continue to lead. Absolutely Rubbish

  • Albert Kabiru

    mtu wetu .aha

  • Mailwe

    Gumo should just shut up. He thinks this Kenya is theirs