• Today is 7th, Mr Kiraithe. This matter is like a chicken theft and should not take one experienced officer more than 2 days. What’s ccoking?

  • Otieno jj

    We are tired of this saga.Mroutraithe, since you have the CCTV ready, why are you wasting our time . This seems like a compromise . If you are serious ,how long does it take to talk to witnesses?? It is clear the masters you are serving but one day,even the weak will have a say in our life time..

  • Suspicious

    First, isn’t this statement a kind of threat? 

    “and so remember that if you are an impostor that place is covered by a very elaborate CCTV system and if you say that you were there, we will be able to independently confirm that you were actually present during that incident,””

    Second, you want people who took photos to come forward and yet you have the videos from a very elaborate CCTV system? You can use the CCTV to confirm if someone was there but you cannot use it to confirm what transpired?

    Something is cooking and there might be a serious backlash from the public either now or during the 2012 elections because the civil society is clearly in bed with Baraza in a conspiracy of silence. We chose a DCJ from outside the judiciary so they would not be captive to the system only to end up with a rogue DCJ who is being shielded by the civil society. 

  • Lumbasiwilson

    What is the hullabaloo about Barasa? Is it that she got the DCJ against certain powerful wishes so that they will try to strungle her using a straw.what if she was cought subverting justice, will they hack her to death on accusation?

    • Suspicious

      The Deputy Chief Justice is alleged to have threatened to kill an unarmed security guard right after she asked her bodyguard to shoot the guard but he declined.

      If that is the kind of reform you voted for with the new constitution and new judiciary, then you need to get your head examined very fast. 

      There are tens of noble, educated Kenyan lawyers (including tens of female Luhya lawyers for those panicking about their tribe being finished) with vast legal experience that can take up that job competently.

    • We have a new constitution in place and trying to scream tribalism whenever your tribesmen are caught breaking the law is stupid and counter progressive. Nancy Baraza pointed the gun at Rebecca Kerubo. Those are the facts and we as tax payers do not think Nancy “machine gun” Baraza is fit to serve as CJ’s deputy. 
      I hope she’s kicked out.

  • Oludavin

    This is a tribal war! Why toooooooo! Much into DCJ case while Mrs Lucy Kibaki openly and on direct TV stomed and actualy terrorised standard media offices????????????? DONT use Barasa to wage tribal or political wars. I know many are not happy how Barasa ascended to the DCJ they had wished their cronies. It’s time to let the facts speak by themselves and please stop this character assasinatuion, it’s not what our new constitution promotes.

    • Oludavin you are an idiot in all senses of that word. Lucy Kibakis saga happened more than 5 years ago and back then we were under the old constitution.
      And to slap a person is not the same as to point a person with  gun.
      You my friend need a brain because the one you have is leaking gas

      • Oludavin

        The idiot is your jurisprudence! How dare u say that old constitution allowed terrorists to invade freedom of press? Which domesticated gibbon are u? I think some dogs have brains but u, maybe a cow is better. Which gun was pointed at who? Do u have any evidence or u are relying on speculations and fabrications? What abullshit!!!!?

  • Ktubrr

    We have seen such arrogance and behavior displayed for a long time without being dealt with. The JSC and Mutunga in particular must rise to the high order of law enforcement. We can not condone such insane person placed at the highest Law office in the Land. It is sickening to see such behavior condoned by any rational person. FIDA, LSK and other civil societies must come to the aid of the lowly or else they lose meaning in society. How can you be silent when you claim to stand and defend Kenyans. Baraza’s actions were malicious and intended to harm Kerubo. Such sick people should not be allowed in public offices. We are waiting for the outcome of these so called parallel investigations.