• Mimi

    Remember the old saying ” watch what you wish for ….. ” ?  Yes, all Kenyans wished for a new constitution.  Now, here it is… I believe Ms Baraza wishes we lived in the old consitution.  This little girl could have been whisked away, thrown in River Road for the chokoras to deal with her… Alas, the little girl is a thorn on Ms Baraza’s flesh.  Thanks to the new constitution……. ha ha ha !


    • Namukoa

      I am very sorry for the little girl, and Kenyans. What I would wish to know is why the deputy chief justice behaved that way even hough she lives in the house of law?I will be more frustrated if she just resigns without the answers to my worry.

  • Atn

    Get your facts right and avoid lopsided reporting. Ruto did not step aside; he insisted that he is too clean to step aside until he was shown the door. Ruto was used to wreck ODM and has now been dumped by his masters.

  • THis Irungu Kang’ata  guy should make the same move on Uhuru and Muthaura to avoid selective application of the law