• Muyakihumba

    now, if Baraza is willing to apologize, i think the matter should rest.

    • GetReal

      No way my friend. Which planet are you from? In case you missed the memo, the Vice President of the Supreme Court of Kenya threatened to kill a security guard after her orders to her bodyguard to do the same fell on deaf ears. This is not a dispute about chicken theft. How will she preside over cases involving extrajudicial killing? Maybe you propose the aggressors can apologize and the matter rests.

      • Joe

        Lets see what Willy will do. By apologizing she does accept her mistakes and that call for integrity on her to resign. its a bitter pill to swallow. the year is still young my dear.

    • No we should not allow mediocrity and such unacceptable mistakes in the Judiciary

  • Mr. CJ,

    kindly without being unfair to your deputy, I wish that you will see this as the moment you send the right message to every kenyan regarding the kind of Judiciary you are heading. We just cannot have those who are entrusted with JUSTICE subverting it in the name of power, their position or their presumptions that they are well known by every kenyan and thus expect supplications and loyalty from them. This is even more urgent as we move into an election later in the year.

    Indeed, that is the very reason why we threw out the water and the baby (old leadership and old constitution) through at our own descretion. Kenya is watching!

  • kip

    tht was so 2011 of Nancy Barasa… she should know that we in MMXII.

  • karisdom

    Baraza should swallow her pride .Let her apoligize to the guard and kenyans and RESIGN.

  • H_vonkarajan

    Poor Nancy! She must have been itching to display her newfound ‘power’. Incredible, nay, shocking especially considering she due to obtain a PHD in Law! But then again, this is Kenya: The Land with the largest number of Bigger-than-Life characters per square kilometer in Subsaharan Africa.

    Herbert Von Karajan

  • Jush

    If she had succeeded to shoot an innocent security guard, the bodyguard who disobeyed her orders would have definitely followed. Some people are born with a disability to handle power. Baraza should simply resign and let other able Kenyans take over. Mutunga, just ccccccccrrrrrrrrrrack your whip 

  • Francis

    Bwana CJ, there is nothing to investigate! If DCJ had a gun and is not licensed to carry one-END OF STORY.She is no different from all those thugs harassing wana inchi all over the place.Second , for displaying such “violence” in a public place where thugs are waiting for any opportunity to steal/rob and unleash terror the DCJ has no option but to vacate office ASAP.She should not waste our time/money with investigations.She was not in any danger-car jacking/home invasion or any of that where self defense is called for.In short she has no mental capacity/stability to be entrusted with the mightiest responsibility that her office calls for.It is a shame for JSC and all those who almost took us to “WAR” unless their “SAINTS” got the jobs-how is that working for you now?. By threatening violence to an “innocent fellow woman” whose only mistake was to obey her work rules is pathetic.Her words if true that the lady should “know people-the gods i suppose” and not confuse the DCJ with the “rubbish-watu wa kawaida” is the lowest one can get.By the way Baraza-the reason you can get discounts/cheaper goods at the mall is because the likes of Moraa work for “nothing” and have to live in slums for your comfort.That you can order your security to shoot in a public place is insane.I do not know what “DRUGS” you purchased but your doctor should surely take a look.Kenya has no room for your behavior and you should honor them by resigning yesterday! nobody should come to your court and expect any “JUSTICE”-YOUR arguments/justification for your action are outright dangerous-YOUR SECURITY CANNOT OVER-RIDE THE SECURITY OF OTHERS-AN INNOCENT PERSON COULD HAVE GOTTEN KILLED BY YOUR STUPIDITY.       

  • Doit_brke

    So far the CJ has not disappointed- this matter needs to be concluded fast. The CJ should, however, have suspended Barasa by now. Such arrogance/primitivity in this day and age! Which hole did she come from? Only a fox can be expected to be so premedivial! Barasa do the honorable thing and resign for you didn’t deserve the position though you somehow managed to dupe the nation in entrusting you with the role. Evil cannot be hidden for long.

  • Wamuze

    Why does someone in Barazas office need 3 bodyguards for? How much security detail is accorded to each government official especially when some of them are so willing to take the law into their own hands.
     How is the Justice Department effectively going to rid our country of the vice of corruption when they themselves are fully embroiled and shoaled in it? 

  • Dipti

    I am proud of this one Kenyan Lady – the Ms Kerubo who carried out her duty.  A security gaurd knows no person except that they could be suspect when the situation calls for everyone to be checked.  I am in full support of her and proud that atleast one Kenyan has woken up to rise against power brokers who believe no one can touch them.

    She must be supported and not lured to keep her mouth shut because she has been intimidated through further threats or bribes.

    Dipti Bhanot

  • Gabokags

    Ms. Kerubo should be fully protected by the human rights commission!

  • Cole Man

    Sad,really sad indeed,deputy chief justice,of all the citizens,pointing a gun at a guardette.That’s a felony.Allowing her to hold any public office is a mockery to the justice system of kenya.

  • Eyewitness


  • Eyewitness

    its good though that she apologized. as an example she shoud be fined & pay the fine accordingly

  • Freelance

    This is  a litmus test for the Judiciary. If the end of this story ends up to be unsatisfactory to the enthusiastic and keen public that has been crying for the rule of law for a long time, then then Judiciary will have failed in its very early age of inception from the New Constitution. If it gives a satisfactory ruling and the law given the highest priority in absolute, then it will have built its reputation forever in the new dispensation. 

  • nyangumi

    she should leave office unceremoniously and prosecuted

  • Anonymous

    What if she walked in and the place got bombed? she would have been the first to cry foul and how security checks are poor……………………..Baraza, do the honorable thing and personally apologise to the lady, go to her house, sit down with her and talk, whether the press is there or not, its the honorable thing to do

  • Mombilen

    imagine if in the next elections a presidential petition is filed and the supreme court has to give a ruling, who will trust this nancy bauer judgement? 

  • TomPeters

    If the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court or similar roles in the UK, India, Brazil or South Africa was involved in such an altercation that includes ordering a bodyguard to shoot an unarmed security guard in broad daylight (i.e. in public) then walks to their car and returns with a gun and threatens to kill the unarmed guard again, they would by now have long resigned and likely already incarcerated awaiting psychiatric examination before assault and attempted murder charges are filed. There would be serious questions over their ability to make sound judgement. Remember the IMF Chief’s recent incident.

    We are talking about the Deputy Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya in a new constitutional dispensation. Not a politician or the CEO of a blue chip company. This is a person that will preside over sensitive matters like disputes over the 2012 elections. Knowing what happened in 2007, Kenya’s crafty politicians will not need much to cast aspersions on the judgement of the supreme court and rally their supporters to reject it. There is a lot at stake here and this can bring down the integrity of the entire supreme court if not handled well.

    If true that the DCJ reacted that extreme just because of a low value incident like a security check, what will she do in 2012 Presidential Election petitions where she will be faced with real, high stakes pressure and intimidation from the blood-thirsty wolf packs that are Kenya’s propaganda-savvy and battle-hardened politicians?

  • This is not about Baraza – her goose is roast, the rest are details. It is now about:

    1. The CJ – we are watching to see if there are holy cows in the Supreme Court, so far so good. CJ is making the right noises but I am worried by the pretension that he is waiting for investigations. The standard operating procedure is to charge the suspect then complete the investigations. Custody or an order for DCJ not to interfere with the suspect/investigations would be in order. Why is it different here? Has CJ or DCJ stuck a no-arrest deal with the cops?

    2. The committee that vetted judges. How did it allow a person with such character to be the DCJ? Maybe the rumours that the committee is a rubber stamp are true after all. How many other rotten tomatoes have been certified as clean? May be it is time to stop the circus called vetting.

    3. Integrity of the Judiciary – we are watching to see if CJ is going to trade horses with the executive over the Al Bashir matter. CJ was quick to call a press conference when the Execuitve was unhappy with the judge who issued summons for the arrest of Al Bashir. Why has he not called a press conference about this matter, which is more relevant to all of us than the President of Sudan?

    4. The CJ called an emergency meeting of the JSC. It is like reporting a burglary to the post man. This is first and foremost a criminal matter, bwana CJ. Stop feigning ignorance or impotence.

  • Webu

    why are majority of Kenyans bitter? every1 seems 2 be pointing the rifle at Baraza…. She is not an Angel!! who knows that the Morara Lady is telling the truth. i Suggest we wait 4 the investigation then we can hold people accountable. let guys desist from envy coz Nancy also deserves the Respect!!! we should be thinking of what would have happened if the Guard had a Gun.???? let wisdom prevail not sympathy.    

    • Asembo

      baraza attempted a weak apology which is itself an admission that something bad happened. whichever way you spin it, nancy baraza did something wrong and demeaning, possibly dangerous. her office is too powerful to escape scrutiny. the worst that can happen if you encounter a morara is denied admission to village market. the worst that can happen with a baraza is you could be sentenced to death or life imprisonment because you did not great her in the corridor. no comparison.

    • Of course she is not an angel, otherwise she would not have an unlicensed gun. She is entitled to the respect that is due to suspect/convicted criminals. She should now be in police cells calling every cop afande, pending completion of the investigations.

  • Newkenya

    B4 the DCJ is 1year old in office, she’s threatening to
    shoot a defenseless ordinary Kenyan, @2yrs in office, she’ll use an AK47, @3yrs
    an UZI, @4yrs Tec 9 @5yrs, Mini-Gun, @6yrs, Sniper Rifle, @7yrs, Rocket Launcher
    @8yrs your guess is as good as mine, a ……… shame on you madam DCJ, wait a
    minute, if she ware the CJ? God help Kenya