• TooLittleTooLate

    If he thinks this hypocritical, opportunistic statement will get him votes in Mount Kenya, he has another thing coming.

    • Alibaba

      Grow up, stop hating, no everything is about elections my friend, if you have nothing to say shut the f**k-up !

  • Karanjawakaranja

    Nothing will ever come from Raila that is not political. We are too clever for you. Sort out the challenges of Nyanza first.Why not a tribal balance in these results?

    • Bonfaceangaga

      karanja you are tribulism n u dont understand the word education n politics

  • Fngige2000

    kirinyagans are naturally bright,its not about leadership is hard work from pupils and parents

  • Amo Gombe

    Honestly! In Kenya now even congratulating people can’t be taken in good faith? Why is this being tribalised? To drive the point home, the second best student in Kirinyaga was a Luo, so the PM is congratulating a county not an ethnic group!… 22% of Kenyans are Kikuyu, to have 5 out of top 10 is actually statistically to be expected, in fact statistically it’s actually slightly below par. 4 out of the 10 ten were Luo even if they’re less than 10 % of the population so they are statistically overrepresented in the top performers. Nandi county came second with 5000 more candidates than Kirinyaga, should we make a big deal about that too?!? Overall national performance was down, all the bottom counties were from the Coast province which is a statistical anomaly that needs addressing and all the top ten schools were private indicating a serious problem with the results of national schools. Those are the kinds of things a mature society should be worrying about instead of getting angry with the PM for congratulating people for doing well! Aii. Jameni. Hata kupeana hongera ni shida? When our Athletes, Rugby or Cricket players do well do we castigate the President or PM for congratulating them??? Kirinyaga was not first last time and it’s anyones bet who will be next time. All I know is that no matter where they are from, if they do well, they deserve to be congratulated. I think the PM sets a good example rising above senseless ethnocentricity and I ditto his congratulations to all the students of Kirinyaga county for doing well! The last thing this country needs, is more stupid people! I think we can all agree on that!

  • kobziera.

    Nyinyi watu!!, you will never stop amazing me. We need to know your ages coz I cant imagine youths ready for change can post these comments. Whats wrong with the PM congratulating kenyans he lead?