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  1. True you can take one out of Soweto but you can’t take Soweto out of them. Apartheid ended 20 years ago but its obvious that many South Africans are still suffering from its hangover. Otherwise how do you explain the constant Xenophobic attacks on other black Africans in SA who incidentally stood by them during the ANC struggles of the Apartheid era?

    Seems apparent that Malema has an identity crisis and is struggling for a role model hence the Gadaffi and Che Guevera theatrics. South Africans need to borrow a leaf from other African countries who have freed themselves from colonial mentality, banished prejudice of skin colour and dont look at themselves as inferior or superior to their erstwhile colonizers. As the wise Jommo Kenyatta once said, “brothers lets forget what’s behind us (colonialism) and strive to build our country”   

    Nkosi Sigeleli Africa!

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