• Geoffrey Muhia

    what is the number again? 32?

  • What colour is the meat,Sir?

  • Now thats scary

  • vision 2030 custodian

    can someone pls explain how 32 cows were stolen from a government facility that is heavily guarded by¬†Administration¬†police. if it was 32 lab rats, guinea pigs or chicken, we would understand…but about 15 tonnes of meat leaving such a facility un detected …in the face of heightened security due to alshabab……let us see some accountability here other wise vision 2030 will remain just that!!!! happy 2012

    • Lioba2005

      Good point!

  • Stop being silly, Dr Muttai. We (you included!) ate the meat at Christmas. You might get the hides, if you are very very lucky. Keep searching. Meanwhile, now we know we cannot trust you with billions of viruses since you cannot watch over 32 cows.