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  1. This is exactly what we expect the elected representatives to do. You must stand your ground to defend what you consider is not right even if God himself will descend on earth to convince you. We know that there are leaders with vested interests in the banking industry. Therefore any suggestion to control interest rates would be viewed as action that would interfere with their huge profits from the banking sector. Kenyans might not be aware that the banks had since stopped paying any interests on their savings. The banks in Kenya keep the savings of their customers but fails to remit interests accumulated on such savings; instead, what the banks do is make unnecessary deductions until one looses any meaning of saving in these banks. Having said that, I am fully behind MPs who stood their ground. For example, Hon Imanyara who condemned the meeting just from the very beginning when this idea was mooted. The President and the PM should try to identify with what the ordinary Kenyan is going through during these tough times.

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