• Mkenya

    these problems are being cause by the Kenyan army failure to move swiftly to kismayo,hence giving the terrorists ample time to carry these heinous acts. the air force and navy have done a commendable job. the Kenya land army should pull up its socks, they did not go to somalia for a safari

  • Mr-Observer

    The whole invasion was ill-advised. The objective of the ivasion was murky, and above all everyone could predict this and more would happen. The violance before was a managable one…but this is a nightmere for security men where they don’t know or see who they fighting against inside their territory.

    I would advise that Kenya instead to boost their border security and leave Somalia. Please don’t say, that if KDF leave that will reinvigirote the Shabab or other (the domino effect)….because that is what the US army genarals were saying for years in order to leave Vietnam. But nothing happened when they left…in fact Vietnam now enjoy good relationship with the US, while it is still ruled by the same Comminist regime.

    There you go….