• George Owino Odhiambo

    hassan omar hassan should and must not quit coz what he said is purely right and is true and is seen

    • Ngoma

      There are more Kikuyus in jails, mortuaries, hospitals than any other tribe. Would you like to share that piece of the national cake too? They also own the most businesses in diaspora – pia huko wamependelewa?

  • Mwangijuris

    This country has no room for tribal bigots an frustrated village idiots who in their remote sense dream of a Kenya without Kikuyus..the should swallow their stinking black hearts out.

    • Kenyan girl

      I think the truth is hurting you. In the words of Kareke Mbiuki, ‘We are favoured. We must make sure we win the coming election…’ etc etc, need I say more? Who is the tribal bigot here? YOU!
      Kenyans will not tolerate a few deluded kikuyus or any other tribe feeling superior to the other tribes…NOT TOLERATE ANY MORE! GET USED TO THE NEW WAY ORDER OF THINGS. HASSAN OMAR SPOKE THE TRUTH! AND KENYANS ARE ON HIS SIDE…DIGEST THAT!!!

      • Kenyawikileak

        Cant digest leave alone to swallow.Do Kikuyu intimidate anyone to vote or not to vote!am not Kikuyu but wonder why all this jealous toward hardworking community.If they do anything illegal there is law to prosecute them not whining around and HECKLING DIS AND THAT ABOUT THEM.CANT WIN THEIR GAME JOIN THEM.

        • Kenyan girl

          I’ll not join a clique of tribalists, masquerading as ‘hard workers’, I refuse to stoop so low…If these select few (because thank God this does not refer to all Kikuyus) are really ‘hard working’, why won’t they let ALL public resources and appointments be evenly distributed to all tribes under the Kenyan sky??? Even Mbiuki claimed their is favouritism why are you in denial?
          Sorry, but if you’re not aware, the clique around all past presidents have intimidated people even in the present, read Hassan Omar & many other Kenyans like him for speaking the truth. And if you recall, 2007 was stolen by the incumbent, like that is not intimidation enough.
          The same ‘hard workers’ sent Kalonzo on a trip/cruise to stop the train that’s called the Hague. If one is clean, why fear justice?
          In Kenya, there is no law for the rich tribalist who is hell bent on holding on to power by all means…any form of prosecution is thwarted. I need to add that the mere fact that I have to point that out to you is sad to say the least.
          THE TRUTH IS WHAT IT IS…AGAIN, EAT & TAKE YOUR TIME TO DIGEST THE TRUTH. It may be bitter, but that’s the best treatment for Kenyans…….An eye popping, ear throbbing truth is what this country needs.

  • Oludavin

    Mutua should stop acting and speaking as if he is a spokesman of the government of Kenya! Who doesn’t know that Mutua speaks for Kibaki and PNU? Mutua doesn’t speak for the coalition government so I ask Kenyans of integrity like Omar Hassan to brush this empty mouthologist off.

  • Dr. Mutua should subject what Omar stated to a national debate in order to establish the inacurracies in Omar’s statement. We should not simply condemn Omar’s statement without subjecting it to thorough debate to unravel its veracity or lack of it. What Omar stated is nothing new to many Kenyans; it’s what honest Kikuyus will admit has tainted their image as former champions of democracy when president Moi was at the helm. Instead of Dr. Mutua asking Omar to step aside, he should help Kenyans to understand if what Omar said has some element of truth or he was simply out to turnish president Kibaki’s leadership! To be honest, many Kenyans are quite uncomfortable with the way major appointments have been made in this country. It’s not a question of hating some ethnic group and liking the other; it’s a question of balancing the interests of all Kenyan ethnic groups without appearing to favour one group and thus dominate others yet Kenyans voted for a president of the republic of Kenya. We did not vote, if I may recall, for a president who would only focus on one tribe..and I still insist that even if that person were my brother, I will bolt and advocate for a president who would use the goodwill of the voters to unify and pacify all Kenyans. Therefore, it’s wrong to defend a government that has failed in all areas except in corruption. It’s a government that should have been bundled out long-time ago; our problem is that we tend to seek the intervention of God even where it not needed.

  • kenyan

    Even if u think the government is tribal, not all kikuyus are tribal. This article is hurting to all Kikuyus. So let everyone realise that. This is the kind of talk that created the anti-kikuyu sentiments in 2007 that led to killings. We have seen tribal appointments by ODM this is a national problem and not a Kikuyu problem. Omar should step down and prosecuted. He should also apologise to the nation.

    • Change

      correction. He should apologise to the ‘thieving and take it all Kikuyu nation.’ The rest of us will give him an award and recognition. 

    • Mazzdark


  • While Commissioner Hassan Omar Hassan may be among the progressive minds we have in Kenya, his article is very disappointing, it for sure lacked the factual content demanded of a great thinker.  

    • Ngoma

      Progressive minds – my sandaled foot!

  • Anonymous

    Mutua, for how long shall you continue being so shallow and Kibaki-pleasing? For some time there was peace when you were quiet but now when you open your mouth you display folly. Don’t you see that instead of asking Omar to resign you need to debut his argument? Is it true that the most sensitive ministry/department, the internal security, is filled with one ethnic group as Omar is alleging or not? Kenyans are not stupid. We can make the judgment by ourselves. We don’t need you to do it for us, sir!

  • Cipa1712

    Omar is an agent  – a mouthpiece of a presidential candidate next year – let all Kikuyus note who this person is and ensure not a single one of them votes him. If Kibunjia will not take action on Omar then he too is an agent of the same leader seeking to be Kenya’s next president.  Kikuyus must ask themselves what will happen to them if this tyrant in waiting became the President. Kikuyus have the right to become president as many times as Kenyans elect them.  Omar must resign or be pushed out.  Kikuyus are Kenyans with rights like every other Kenyans.   Omar’s should be taken to court over his article which is inciting to the extreme. Just where is Kenya headed? 

    • Kenyan girl

      Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!!! The truth hurts, oh so very much doesn’t it?

  • Dukturabdallah

    There is something in the new constitution called “freedom of speech”; as long as it does not infringe on others’ freedoms. Omar should not be vilified for stating the obvious. I have been to Central province interiror proper; maragwa, where roads are well tarmacked yet not many residents possess cars. I have been to kangundo highway, where the road is ever busy but has award winning international potholes. Let’s call a spade a spade, not a big spoon. Keep up omar

    • Ngoma

      You do not own a spade nor do you know what one looks like!

  • Pmusili

    Omar is a spendforce and a mouth piece.Let the guy resign He should also  be  prosecuted for HATE speech., His words will come to haunt him  if anything goes wring in 2012. Those who are supporting him should know that we’ve a coalition government (Mkate nusu) and each side is eating its share. I honestly don’t agree with you Os, I thought we’ve two equal partners in the government.

  • Malema

    Mutua is an ignorant mouth-piece for the old guards. Kenyans can see all through. Kibaki goes down with blood-stained and flooded hands. Kibaki created the animosity we experience in Kenya and Omar is one who can just bring it out. Kibaki will never be at peace with himself. A die-hard tribalist.

  • Nairobiblogger

    hassan omar should resign to spare kenyans the trend he has adopted whose worst impact has not manifested as yet

    • Mazzdark

      Speak for yourself

    • Kenyan girl

      Please!!! What trend? The truth must be said. Omar should go nowhere. In fact he shouldn’t have quit as Vice chair.

    • munathi2011

      Its open secret that government business is nowadays conducted in the Kikuyu dialect. Why struggle with English or Swa while addressing your village neighbour. Omar stay put!!!

  • Otyenomoro

    Look at who is telling Omar to resign! He should resign himself being such a failure. All the names that Omar stated are known and people should not pretend. The country should take such critism and build on them. When will the Njemps and the Ogieks head the treasury!

  • shamsadin

    I think Mutua should lead by example,resign first. How many times has he misled us? givin contradicting information? for how long will he protect Kibaki? I dont see any hate in this statement “Apart from some expanded roads with flyovers and an economic growth
    index, Kibaki’s legacy reflects an unacceptable institutionalisation of

  • Muchindo

    In December 2002, all  Kenyans of good will handed Mr Kibaki a golden opportunity to unify our Nation and position it for a great economic take off to transformation as a middle income country, but for reasons best known to himself he blew it when he made the unfortunate decision to entertain the unnecessary ethnic mindset of some of his advisers while he was in the process of forming the first post KANU government. That decision, robbed Kenya of the real chance that we ever had for the first time in more than forty years to rid our nation of the twin Dragons of Negative Ethnicity and Corruption that symbiotically feed on each other. These twin dragons, nearly ten years later, today continue to destroy our beloved country. That is the truth that Mr Omar was trying to highlight. It was not hate speech.

  • Mjubu2009

    Hassan Omar has shown his true co lours,remember Hon. Ruto talked of Hassan couching witnesses how to lie, i thin k he does not deserve the respect we give him. Can he explain why he did not finish his education in Kenya.

  • Wyckliffe Omondi

    I think Kenyans are very skeptic. So quick at criticizing the truth of certain that are plainly correct beyond any reasonable doubt. Let those who think they are clean cast the first stone then I will follow suit.

  • Amoowa

    surely the statement is more of retrogressive than progressive..hassn omar and you call yourself a visionary of 2030..bringing such statement @ wake of post electn..and now movin towards election yr is not wise!ask yourself one question are u part of change?reason why the roads have been choosen for upgrade!!!reason no.1 the busiest east and central africa..meaning its a central hub connecter to other counties in north central & r.v 2.lots of goods and services on same roads!meaning the agricultural empowerment of coffee and tea farmers in turn bring revenue from  exportation.think about and reason why?and your answer will lie out of ethnicity… think of progress !! i do not wish hm to retire coz his work is tangible !but let the man swallow those ethnicity words and focus on human rghts..

    • Kenyan girl

      Question, is the evidence factual or not? Stop covering the facts in many words-roads, revenue, tea….. You’re burying your head in the sand. When do you want tribalism to be addressed? It’s about time to face the truth and deal with it.

  • Mazzdark

    To the guilty Truth is an offence, but as Jean Marie Seroney once said there is no need to substantiate the OBVIOUS, Hassan Omar spoke the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH…It is a matter of public record as stated by none other than the National Cohesion and Integration Commission that the Kikuyu dominate Kenya’s public service to the detriment of other communities…WHO DOES NOT KNOW THIS. It is amusing to watch the Mt Kenya Mafia nd their loyalists like Mutua work themselves into a lather over Hassan Omar’s statement, but it is the painful truth that stares you in the face in places like State Law Office, Ministry of Energy, National Defence and Security, Ministry of Finance etc, bure kabisa!!

  • Ayie

    Omar’s comments are what many kenyans long to say but do not have the guts to speak it out,kibaki has been a total failure,he is a die hard tribalist,why are people so afraid and yet they agree with Omar,KRA is mainly run by a single tribe.its not tribalism its just the truth.Kenya is not for one tribe but for all.Omar.you are the mouth piece for real change.

    • Kenyan girl

      Everything he said is true, nothing but the truth. NCIC should challenge the evidence not gag him. NCIC stinks of impunity.

  • There is nothing more hate speech or hate action than the blatant ethnicization of Kenya as practiced by Kibaki administration especially in its first 5 years, and some goons dare raise a finger at Omar for stating the obvious so Kenyans can judge for themselves. Those who think Hassan Omar comments are incorrect should provide a list of those heading and leading government organs like Securitty and provincial administration, Finance etc. This ethnicisation of departments and vital organs of state,in reality is what caused the 2007 violence and Kibaki apologists have elected to burry their heads and eyes in the sand and go at anyone who dare raise this issue. Mutua being a contracted and paid mouthpiece and a lap dog of someone is incapable of digesting and understanding what Omar wrote. In reality there is only one thing that Kibaki administraion achieved for Kenya- That anyone can do anything including ethnic violence, say anything, steal and it is real ok. Some guys claim the economy has grown but it has gotten rotten in this final year as the guy is determined to take the shilling into retirement with himself. No need to bark- Mutua- Just read for Kenyans the lists at your next press briefing. Read for Kenyans all the budgetary allocations for all regions since 2002 and let Kenyans have a serious debate on these before you think Hassan should go. Mutua should remember that when he disparaged Kenyans suffering from hunger, he was asked to quit but being a lap dog could not get it and todate  kenyans are waiting for him to quit. The idea that if one mentions that some community is being favoured and packed like Sardines in specific government institutions is hate speech is silly and nonesence!!!!

  • Elijah Andika

    Must Omar quit for saying the truth the whole truth nothing but the truth!? It is painful to learn that those in  authority are not ready to be corrected.

  • Kenyan girl

    NCIC, is a huge joke!!! They are meant to facilitate open discussions on things like tribalism-which is an oozing wound ailing this country. They seem keen to cover up all wrong doing. NCIC, you’re bandaging a wound that needs proper debriment. At this rate you’ll kill the patient aka Kenya!

  • Davimann1

    Omar do not tell the truth selectively.You must tell people about your role model Hon Raila.Here are some facts you forgot tell kenyans.
    SAY NO TO IMPUNITY! Raila appointed his brother Oburu assistant minister; his  cousin Jakoyo Chief whip; his sister Wenwa ambassador; his cousin Orege PS, Jakoyo’s brother-in-law Odembo ambassador; his cousin Gondi executive chairman Geothermal (where billions have been stolen already); his distant relative Ayacko chairman of Kenya Neuclear Comm; his relative Ouko auditor general; his cousin Ager deputy MD KPLC, his relative Onyango Sika PS; his other relative Kasongo head of NSSF, etc etc. We didn’t fight Moi & dictatorship for Raila & his family. We didn’t go to detention 4 Raila & his relatives. We didn’t go into exile 4 Raila & his family! Say NO to impunity!

  • Wamboimann

    Prime minister raila amolo odinga is being accused for having allegedly favoured his relatives and friends as well as the financial heavyweight luos in the recent cabinet appointment to the grand coalition government. The odm supreme leader is therefore being accused of practicing nepotism and sectarianism in his recent role in the appointment of the bloated cabinet. caroli omondi : a former banker and a lawyer. Appointed the administration permanent secretary in the office of the prime minister. The secret behind mr. Omondi’s appointment is that he is the landlord who owns the building in the posh kilimani surburbs of nairobi, which is housing raila’s pentagon office. prof. Jacquiline oduol: she is married to raila odinga’s uncle in kaka sub-clan. dr. Oburu oginga: raila’s bro. eng. Carey orege: hails from raila odinga own sub-clan of kowak in the larger sakwa clan. phillip onyango sika : ps in the ministry of metropolitan development. Relative of the gem mp jakoyo midiwo whose mother is the younger sister of raila odinga’s mother. james aggrey orengo: minister for land and settlement and dalmas otieno. The two men, according to the popular saying making the round deserves their ministerial positions owing to their wealth of experience and consistency plus total loyality to agwambo and the odm party. dr. Nyikal: secretary general prof peter anyang’ nyong’o the mp for the area dr nyikal and prof nyong’o are said to be related.

    • Ngoma

      You should have seen the ones in charge of Ida’s (First Lady’ as she deluded herself to be) office – daughter, sister, cousin, niece!

  • Ngoma

    What do you expect from descendants of slave traders and other vagabonds jailed in Socotra, Yemen who escaped to East Africa? Let him get on a boat and go to his ancestral land to practice human rights there.