• Moxaibra

    pole kenya some military strategist should hang their heads in shame ati bad weather stopped us, well some moron expected tarmac roads in somalia did you?

    • busara2011

      It is important to be reasonable and not just negative for sake of it. Given a chance what would do anyway. it is easier to criticize from your comfort zone.

  • Gatwirilk

    We are tired of waiting for action inside Somalia to get rid of Al-Shaabab. In terms of their counter attack, they have done more damage inside Kenya than we have in Somalia. Look at who is gaining mileage and who are the losing economically from news clips aired by international media like CNN. Every explosion in kenya dents our capablity, credibity and security to the international community. Let the policy makers give direction or we ship out of Somalia if that will bring peace and tranquility in North Eastern. Did KDF bite more than it could chew?

  • Simon

    personally i believe the military is more capable of dealing with al shabaab thats why there are very little casualties from the frontline. the kenya police is a different story altogether…