• Sk

    what a waste of time

  • wacira

    Just exposed the greedy side of this contention.

  • “rushed decision” what do they mean? anyway, who is fooling who? one moment you come out calling off the strike then moments later you say that was a hurried decision! …mmhh

  • jon ochieng

    I have faith in them now. The government tried to bribe them with 30k to shut up about the rot in public hospitals. By rejecting this off they have given me hope. I am a Kenyan living with HIV and half the time the labs are not working, the drugs are insufficient and the doctors are overworked. If this will ensure that some of these issue are taken care of then I support them completely.

  • Kipkoech Antipah

    I do not approve doctor’s strike, but with love of the sick, i kindly urge them to give the government a chance to decide what it can do for them.i dont oppose them but for the sake of that innocent patient seeking treatment with hope. Doctors must also SEE GOD’S face and go back to work.that profession has it’s cosequent if you see somebody dying and no help administered to him. God says He will demand his blood from you, and again that profession is binding because of life saving. As a first aider, i cannot see someone dying and yet God has given me that opportunity to assist him or her to reach to the doctor.
    Dear doctor,continue doing good and GOD will bless you more abundantly,please dont let the sick people suffer,because the sword that you are using to cut short somebody’s life will also be used against you when your time comes.
    trust in God and I hope your demand will be met.
    a kipkoech

    • Dan

      Kipkoech, this is government. In less than 24 hours the same government quickly took back the offer-& not because the Docs rejected the offer, NO! The government wasn’t serious in the 1st place.
      They were trying to dupe the Docs into going back to work with nothing..I thank God the Docs rejected the offer before Uhuru did his thing. They would have had eggs (many) smeared all over their faces!

  • Dan

    I am very proud of the Doctors. Many people say the Doctors should remember the Hippocratic oath. Yes that is true, but the same oath which many have said the Doc’s are not adhering to also puts it clearly that you should do no harm to the patient. How do you operate in an environment that has no gloves..some places children, yes children are brought into the world with polythene bags in place of gloves-imagine the infection they are exposed to. No drugs, inadequate equipment that can not save lives…1 oxygen tank in a whole hospital? no incubators for premature children…Is this not doing more harm than good to the Patients? 100 plus children die daily in such conditions because the hospitals are not properly equipped. Do you want the Doctor to go back to hospital & continue in the same direction??? How about the Doc who sees TB patients hundreds in a week with no mask, how about those who are exposed to HIV but have no prophylactic drugs to take? What if that was your mother or child?
    I wonder how many of those against the strike have been treated at a public hospital and I’m not talking about Kenyatta…there are worse places, I have seen with my own eyes-It’s terrible.What offends the most, is since 1990 healthcare budget has been decreased, every year without fail. That’s why the Gov is playing games with KMPDU. They don’t care at all for Kenyans or the welfare of those Doctors. The offer did not even touch on the Dentists & Pharmacists. Why it was accepted, I don’t know…but it is better to retrace your steps and get back in the game than give up all together. All the 13 points should be considered and not the 1(money) point.Doctors, I for sure believe the cause is justified and I support you.

  • Pauul30

    the way that guy was talking it looked fake…these gova guys are used to stupid tricks and short cuts..ati kibs says he will sort and they meet quick and resolve what a state ?? why do we need a government then 

  • Candid

    I supported them before but not anymore. The officials of the doctor’s union need to go for a crash course on leadership and communication.  Their somersaults leave them looking confused, indecisive, disoriented and unpredictable. There is no certainty that they will not flip when they sign the dotted line next time. 

    I would not trust a doctor with my health who claims he made a press statement under pressure. If you were threatened with jail time and you capitulated, you have no business being a union official. Period.

    Their health infrastructure demands are unrealistic and academic. So you will not go back to work until KNH is like Nairobi Hospital and you expect that transformation to happen in what, 2 hours?